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I have inherited an old British silver tray with the moto NOBILIS IRA

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I have inherited an old British silver tray with the moto NOBILIS
IRA WITH A lION UNDERNEATH. The first letter on the main Hallmark is N but sadly it has been over polished and one cannot see the
other letters, etc. Above the
main Hallmark are the letters AHT
which I presume are the makers.
How old might it be and is it possibly
Hello,I would love to help you with this tray. Please measure the piece for me. I will need a photo of the tray and the hallmarks if you don't mind. To be sterling, one would look for a hallmark of a lion's body, lion's head, anchor, etc. That might be the part that has been polished over. The n could be the date code, but seeing the shape (shield, square with chamfered corners, oval) that the n is in is very important to the date code. While I await photos, I will look at AHT as a maker.Photos can be added by using the paper clip icon in the text tool box area. This is above where to type back to me and is only visible on a desktop (not on mobile or tablet device). Let me know if you have any problems.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I am afraid that I am not very into all this technology so I couldn't send

you photos. The Tray is a small round one that seems to be high

quality: there are four clawed feet and they are an inch high each. The

Tray is 10 and a half inches wide. There are no apparent hall marks on the sides. The Lion is a full bodied one beneath the moto. EP are the

letters commencing the worn Hallmark with the letters AHT above in

triangle mode with the A at the top. Hope this helps. No, there's no

N, sorry. Nobilis Ira Moto over the Lion.Yes, the Lion's head and anchor are not conspicuous due to polishing though they might be

part of the hallmark.

Please do not worry about not taking pictures. Your description has been very good.You have a silver plate salver, a formal tray used for carrying serving glasses and for the presenting of a card or letter by a servant (butler). This salver was made circa 1890. AHT in the hallmark as a maker represents Albert ***** ***** of 10-16 Regent Street in Sheffield, England in business from 1886 to 1911. He was mostly known for silver plated items, but was also a registered silversmith. EP signifies Electro Plate, which means that this piece is made nickel and zinc that was 'dipped' in a thin wash of silver. By comparison, sterling silver is 925 parts per 1000 throughout.Nobilis Ira (the lion's anger is noble) with lion is the armorial crest of William Stuart and the Stewart/Stuart clan of Bute. I have also seen this crest on common pieces as a simple decoration and not attributed to this family. Below is a history of the family that I found on the internet in case this has some connection to your own family."Stuart, William (1798 -1874)William Stuart, of Tempsford Hall in Bedfordshire and Aldenham Abbey in Hertfordshire, was the eldest son of William Stuart, Archbishop of Armagh, and Sophia Margaret Juliana, daughter of Thomas Penn of Stoke Poges. The Archbishop was the fourth son of John, 3rd Earl of Bute. He was Justice of the Peace and a Deputy Lieutenant. He married, firstly, 8 August 1821, Henrietta Maria Sarah, eldest daughter of Admiral Sir Charles Morice Pole, Baronet. She died 26 July 1853, and he married, secondly, 31 August 1854, Georgina Adelaide Forester."Even with all of this, a salver in silver plate does not have a high value in comparison to one that would have been made of sterling silver. This piece has a value of 50-75.00.
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