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I have a seascape painting in original frame. Can you tell

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I have a seascape painting in original frame. Can you tell me about its origin if I send photos? It measures 14" by 11"" in ornate gold frame. It must be about 100 years old.
Thank you. It doesn't appear to be signed.
Y Miller
Hello,I would love to help. Sometimes framers get ambitious and cover the signature with the frame. Have you ever removed it from its frame to check?In any case, I will need a picture of the painting from straight on (please not at an odd angle) and a picture of the back. Let me know if you can see the canvas at all. Nails securing the canvas to the stretcher are early and staples are post 1950. It is the little details that give the best clues!There is a paper clip icon in the text box where you type back to me. Use that to add one photo, then hit send and repeat. Do this on a desktop computer rather than a phone or tablet. It seems to work best that way.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have never removed to check and don't really want to try...

Hello,This is an oil on canvas that was painted between 1832-1844/1848 to 1923 based on the canvas made by George Rowney of London and the type of nails used to attach to the stretcher. The subject matter is the coast of Sterling, Scotland. Without a signature, of course,I could not give you a definitive answer on who painted this piece, but it is well executed and would value at 700 to 900 us dollars if not more. I would recommend at this point finding an art appraiser in your close area so that they can examine with a jeweler's loupe and possibly remove from the frame to find a signature. This could be a special piece, but without it in my hands, I can only go this far for you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Stirling Scotland is not on the coast so this is confusing.

I apologize for that. I have auto-correct and sometimes it adds words that I do not catch. It should read "The subject matter is of the coast of Scotland." Sorry for the confusion!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you.

You are welcome.