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I have purchased a teapot which I was told was silverplate.

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I have purchased a teapot which I was told was silverplate. I am has an X and 2392 as well as a P and an elaborate W or M a crown with three figures underneath that are indecipherable and a anchor like symbol. Can you assist me ? The bottom of the spout is also cracked and leaks profusely and I would like to know where to get the teapot repaired and what it might costs. The teapot is elegant and has a Greyhound on the top of the lid. It is a bit like an Aladin's lamp.
Please add a photo of the pot and any marks on the bottom. You can do this by using the paper clip icon or the ADD FILES button. These features work best on a desktop computer. (please do not use a flash and back up a bit to get clear pics of the marks)
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Please find three photos of the teapot. One shows the shape. One shows the hallmarks. One shows the crack around the base of the spout. Your advice on getting the teapot and hallmarks would be appreciated. Thank you.

This teapot is silver plate made by Elkington And Mason of Sheffield England. (EM & Co marks). The P is a date letter code for 1854. The shape number or pattern of this pot is the 2392 and the x means that someone changed the normal bud finial for a different offered greyhound finial. (The X representing a custom order). This pot has a value of $60 to $75.00 us dollars.As far as getting it repaired, I would recommend your local small hometown jeweler. If they offer jewelry repairs, then they can repair this pot. This is who I use for my minor silver repairs. Just don't go to a chain store in a mall because you need affordable, custom service and I am afraid that a chain store employee would give you a blank stare if you asked to have this repaired.Please do click the stars to rate me as this is the only way that the site compensates me for my time spent on questions. Thanks and have a great night!
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