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I have had this book years, I will try to decribe

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Hi I have had this book for many years, I will try to decribe it to you. First of all it is leather bound with metal (copper?) cross motives on the front. The leather locking strap has unfortunately gone missing. On the outside binding it bears the words
On the index page, it bears the words And I shall write it in full:-
XIII th century manuscript collection of chess problems
Illustrated with coloured frontispiece and thirty-eight full page reproductions from original manuscript.
To which is added a short narrative of Jacobus Cessolisand the two French Champions Philidoor and La Bourdonnais.
"Go those Good Companions of the Franklin and Junior Chess Class of Philadelphia, also that other good companion the unknown composer and collector of these problems"
I was going to list it on eBay but straight away a chap from Australia contacted me and offered £150. This made me think, so I pulled it from ebay and thought I might try and find out more information before I give it away.
Hopefully you can help me in this?
Many thanks.
Simon Harlow-Chalton.
Hi Simon, My name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you. Yes this book only a limited number of volumes of this edition has been printed 221. Does the preface read.PREFACE hen spending the winter of 1909-10 in Florence, we were shown a volume of Mr. Morgan's illustrated catalogue, describ- ing his manuscripts of the XII, XIII and XIV centuries. One of the most interesting of this col- lection is the Fountaine manuscript of chess problems, a Norman French translation and amplification of a XIII century Latin manuscript in the National Library of Florence, called the, " Bonus Socius ", (Good Com- panion) collection of problems. Dr. A. v. d. Linde, the noted German writer of early chess history published in Berlin 1881, " Ouel- lenstudien zur Geschichte des Schachspiels " in which volume pages 121 to 177 is described most fully the " Bonus Socius " (Good Companion) collection of pro- blems. In the introduction he writes as follows : — " Of the author of a collection of chess problems " which occupied for nearly three hundred years the " chess playing inhabitants of the western country, we " know only his name and residence. He was a con-
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I will get back to you just as soon as I can Mike. Thanks for t your reply. I might be busy tomorrow but Friday I will have a little time. If the book is worth anything would you be able to point me in the direction of an auction house or similar and take a percentage......say 10% of net profit?

Anyway, I have been meaning to check this out for years, so thank you and I will get back to you.

Kind regards


Hi Simon, Yes please keep me posted and yes I can give you a value of the book and I can locate an auction house near you all I would need is your location and by what major cities. I'm not allowed to take any percentage of your sale of the book but thanks anyways an auction house will take around 30%. Thanks Mike..If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.PLEASE remember if you're satisfied with my answer rate my answer" OK SERVICE " or higher so I will be compensated by JustAnswerfor helping you.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hello Mike: I've checked the preface in the book which is exactly the same word for word. The only query is that the "O" in the word "ouellenstudien..." looks like a "Q". Don't know if the typing was able to translate that because the bottom of the "Q" is a sign like you use over the word in Spanish.

Hi Simon, It is supposed to be a Q it is probably a typing or print error or the way they meant a Q to be back in the day in the German language. As for the value of the book in good condition $475.00 US dollars to excellent $725.00 US dollars. Thanks Mike
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi mike,

I'm in Littlehampton West Sussex, England. Are you from the States?

Hi Simon, Yes that is why I quoted the value in US dollars. Thanks Mike