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ncsunburst, Antiques and Collectibles Researcher
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I wanted to know what information you would need to

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Hello, I wanted to know what information you would need to help me appraise the value of some old books that I've got?
Hi, My name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you. First the title and author of the book, publisher, copyright dates, condition, and if it is a first edition. How many books are you talking about?. Thanks Mike
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have 8 books
Hi, You can list your books and I can research them and let you know if they have value. Thanks Mike
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That's great,
1) the poetical works of Henry w. Longfellow, published in London by Griffith, Farran, Okeden & Welsh, I cannot see a date anywhere, good condition
2) the old curiosity shop, c Dickens, it say original and complete edition, but no date, w Nicholson & sons ltd, not great condition, the front cover is slightly detached from the first page, which is an illustration
3) synonyms and antonyms by Edith b orgway, published by George g Harappa & company ltd, poor condition with scribbles on the inside of the front and back page, no date as far as I can see
4) the works of William Shakespeare, theatre edition, published by the Queensway press, I cannot see a date, it's in good condition
5) the poetical works of Edmund Spenser, edited by j.c.smith and e de selincourt, published by Henry Fronde Oxford university press in 1912 good condition
6) the landowne poets, the poetical works of Wordsworth, with memoir explanatory notes etc, portrait and original illustrations, published by Frederick warned and co, it's a reprint of the 1827 print. It's in poor condition, with watermarks on the back cover and the first and second page are no longer attached to the book
7) the poems of Elizabeth Barrett browning, the 'albion' edition, published by Frederick warned and co, it says that it's a preface to the 1844 edition, but other than that I cannot see any other dates, it's in good condition
8) this book has a sticker on the inside cover, which is an award to f e harden, in midsummer 1883, awarded as a prize to him for visiting - for boys under 15, awarded by the master Wellon(?), the cover says dulmich college upper school and on the inside it says alleyn's college of god's gift at dulmich. It boswell's life of Johnson, by ***** ***** croker, LLD FRS, new edition published by John Murray in 1876, in good condition
Let me know what you think please
Hi, I'll do my research then get back to you when I get home from my antique shop around 6:00 pm est. Thanks Mike
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have found another 6 books
9) the poetic works of ***** *****ing vol II, this looks like a pocket edition, on the inside of the cover it has a name of Dorothy m quartermaine, and a written date of 1908, published by Henry frowde, but I cannot see a date, it's in good condition
10) tennyson's poems, published in 1899 bud avid Bruce and son in Glasgow, it's in poor condition the book is still together but looks like it's cracked in two where the glue holds it together
11) the poetic works of John Milton, it says on the first page ( this is no. 384 of everyman's library....) published by j.m. Dent & sons ltd, going by the description inside, it looks like I have the ordinary edition. Some damage on the cover
12) milton's poetical works, published by ward, lock, Bowden & co, no date on it, other than a note on the inside cover gifting the book in April 1897, good condition
That's it for now. Thanks for your help
Hi, If you have anymore books it will have to be in a different question but you can request me for further books. I'll do these for you but I'm not supposed to do this many at a time. Thanks Mike
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'm so sorry, I didn't know, I have no more books and thank you for agreeing to look into all of them.
Hi, No problem I'll have the values of these books ready for you when I get home from my antique shop. It takes some time for all these books. Thanks Mike
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Mike, it doesn't need to happen today, would be good to hear back in the next couple of days.
Hi, No I'll have it ready for you were there 2 books not listed for me to look up I only see 12. Thanks Mike
Hi, The values of your books will be in order on how you numbered them. Thanks Mike.If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.PLEASE remember if you're satisfied with my answer rate my answerby using the STARS so I will be compensated by JustAnswer for helping you..Value......... Year printed1) £ 32.00 - dateless2) £ 22.00 - not a first edition the first edition is dated 18413) £ 8.00 - 19274) £ 48.00 - 1930's5) £ 30.00 - 19126) £ 10.00 - 19007) £ 18.00 - 1892 or 18948) £ 26.00 - 18769) £ 22.00 - 190610) £ 16.00 - 189911) £ 12.00 - 192512) £ 15.00 - 1880
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