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Blue Delft Vase marked Crown and diamonds Royal Goedewaagen

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Blue Delft Vase marked Crown and diamonds Royal Goedewaagen "Blue Delft" Handwork Holland ydH
Delfts Blue Hendgemaakt Made in Holland Crown AG(FG)? Dish
Hand Painted Delft blue colour - small bowk with lid
Hi! My name is ***** ***** I would be happy to help with your Blue Delft vase and bowl.Thanks for the description, could you very kindly attach a photo of the two items and the marks. Also, what are their dimensions? If you have the photos in your computer, just click on the paperclip icon (above the box where you are typing to me) to attach them here. Many thanks and wait to hear,Robert PS. Meanwhile, please don't rate me until you get a full appraisal and a value from me. I mention this because you may get random prompts asking you to rate me before I've submitted an answer, ignore them, they are automatically generated by the site (it doesn't seem to be able to distinguish an answer from preparatory back and forth and information gathering) and don't come from me. Thanks, R.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Haven tried to send photos but apparently they are too big. Any suggestions?
Okay, no problem, I understand. The best thing to do is to upload your pictures to a free public picture hosting site. This is the one I find easiest to use -just three clicks and a copy and paste and you are done.Go to need to 'log in' or 'register' it makes it far too complicated)Click on ComputerSelect the pictures you want to send me from the box that pops up.Hit open.Click on Start UploadAnd then copy the link they give you. It will look similar to this and it's located right under where it says Share Link and paste it here where you are typing to me. (If you have uploaded multiple photos on one link, copy the URL in the browser bar at the top of your screen, otherwise I get just one photo) If that still takes too long to upload here's Plan B:It's another nearly as easy-to-use free public picture hosting site that deals with the problem of too-big pictures by reducing your file size automatically. Go to on Browse(it will then automatically pull up your picture files).Select the image you want to send me and click openReturn to the tiny pic page and click Upload Nowand it brings you to a bunch of links.Click on the one under URL for E-Mail & IMClick on the link to make it turn black,right click, and hit copyThen paste to where you are typing to me.Hope this helps!Robert
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your help. May take a while for me to do this but will be in touch.
No problem! I'll be here whenever you are ready and your question will remain open for as long as you wish.The best solution is to collar a passing teenager with an iPhone and (annoyingly!) they'd have photos to me in half a minute.Best wishes,Robert
Customer: replied 2 years ago. these are ok. Royal Goedewaagen ""Blue Delft" ... belongs to Vase and the other is for dish.
Many thanks for the photos, I can now see exactly what you have.(1) Blue Delft covered bowl with pierced handles.I don't see in the photos the cover you mention, but I assume it also has a windmill design and a finial.This is a pretty example of hand painted Blue Delft ware -the word Handgemaakt is Dutch for "handmade"- and dates to the 1930s or 1940s. Not much is known about this smaller Delft decorating studio, marked with a crown and the monogram "AG", other than it specialized almost entirely in blue & white depictions of traditional Dutch windmills and floral patterns.I notice there's a little damage to the rim of the bowl which affects value somewhat.If you were to sell at auction or on line, it would sell in the range of £20 - £30. If you were to see it for sale in an antique shop it would have a full retail value of £60 which is also the replacement value for insurance purposes. (2) Royal Goedewaagen delfts blauw (Blue Delft) vaseI'm assuming this one is about 11" tall (if wildly smaller or larger let me know)The mark on the base dates it to the 1950s or 1960s.It was made by Royal Goedewaagen, a prominent and well regarded ceramic factory in Gouda, Holland that started life in 1875 producing clay tobacco pipes. After WWI throughout the 1920s and 1930s they blossomed into a large and successful producer of both useful wares and highly decorative studio line art pottery. They are best known for their KLM canal houses, made for Bols liqueur brandy. have a large and avid following of collectors worldwide.They are also known for the traditional kind of floral decoration seen on your vase, in other words, faithful reproductions of the kind of blue and white (cobalt blue painted straight onto a tin glaze white slip) decoration for which the city of Delft became famous during the 16th & 17th centuries. This is a modern version, also expertly hand painted, but onto a white earthenware clay body rather than the terracotta used in the old days.As for value, this example very similar to yours sold on line recently for £43. is about the low end for one of these.If you were to sell at auction or on line (eBay, Amazon, etc) yours would fetch in range of £40 - £60. Retail/replacement/insurance value: £120. I do hope this helps!Best wishes,Robert PS. If there's anything more I can help you with on this please don't hesitate to ask. If not, could you very kindly rate my services (with the stars or "accept" button) as this is how I get paid by JustAnswer at no extra cost to you. We can still continue to communicate here on this thread after you do.
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