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Robert S.
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I have a French bowl with country scene and a 'peasant' in

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I have a French bowl with country scene and a 'peasant' in the centre marked on the base Deco Main Faillandier with three black scrolls in a black circle. Is it modern please. The word Faillandier is also written on the rim
Hi Carol,My name is ***** ***** I would be happy to help with your French bowl.Could you very kindly attach a photo of it and one of the mark on the bottom and I'll see if I can identify it for you and give you a value. Once you have the photos in your computer, it's a simple matter to attach them. Just click on the paperclip icon, located above the text box where you are typing to me. Or hit the "Attach Files" tab.If you get stuck go here for help. thanks and wait to hear.Robert.PS. How big is it?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Good Morning Robert,
The bowl measures 17.5 x 10 cms and is in far too good nick to be old I think which is why I can not find the makers mark in anything lists of 'vintage' (dreadful word isn't it) or antique marks. Please can you tell me when you find it's origins, it rings completely clearly, hence no damage, but I do not know whether to put it into stock or just admire it!
I can not see a paperclip so am going for the add files, fingers crossed.
Thank you so much,
P.S. I suppose that IS an 'F' at the beginning, not a T+ ??
Hi Carol,Thanks for all the great photos. This is a beautiful bowl and painted by an experienced and talented hand. However, you are right, this is recent. So recent that this faïencerie mark is not in any of the references yet, neither are there any examples in the archive of secondary market sales (antique auctions, eBay etc).It's clearly a Bretagne (Brittany) maker as the distinctive logo is the triskel, ancient symbol of the Celtic Breton.As for the name, that does indeed look like an 'F' which would make it Faillandier, the surname of the artist who painted it. It could conceivably be Taillandier, a more common last name, but again neither of these two are listed as Bretagne ceramic painters.The artwork is in an early 19th century style, but with motifs, such as the oak leaves and acorns, which are distinctly unlike that of Quimper decoration.This is one that may have to stay on the "not sure" shelf. I have many on mine until I feel like gifting a piece to someone who'll simply enjoy it rather than agonize forever (like I do) about its origins.Meanwhile, I would give it a secondary market value (auction or eBay etc) of ‎£15 - ‎£25.Full retail/replacement value: ‎£50.I do hope this helps!Please let me know if you'd like me to explain or expand on any of the above, I'd be happy to.Best wishes,Robert
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, that helps a lot as I spotted it in a Charity Shop - where so much of my stock comes from but only quality pieces I hope - and I paid £2.50 for it so it has now cost me £28.50 and I can see what happens when I put it in the next fair.
Thank you for the information as all my pieces have attached tags with notes on background, age etc and that is very helpful.
Thank you again,
P.S. I feel Iknow your face, have you ever lived in Falmouth? Don't bother to answer if not, it was just a thought!
Glad to have helped, even though I wish I could have added some more value to the piece, it certainly deserves it, and was no doubt retailed to a tourist in Brittany for a substantial sum. Such local artisanal fare is often as much as ten times its secondary market value when you get it home. Yet this is a quality piece, you have a good eye, and someone else will appreciate it just as much, for sure.You would not have seen this face in Falmouth, but I did live in Dartmouth when the face looked a lot younger, two years old to be precise. My mother (long gone) may have taken me to Falmouth. The only thing I can remember from that time was her Torquay motto ware. I still have some of it. Tourist tat of the first water, I know, but I really like it now. Increasing age does not always correlate with increasing discernment.
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