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S Sorry about the delay, life intervened but am

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For Robert S Sorry about the delay, life intervened but am now back on an even Lastly there are two coins: the first is as shown, Victoria in a rolled gold setting, dated 1899 but upside down to my way of thinking, and I believe is a quarter
soverign as it is the size of a 1p piece. Any idea why it is that way up and is it worth more than scrap? The last is, I believe, a gaming token with George III and a strange piece of plaiting which I do not know if it is human or horse hair. So, that should
keep you busy, and I would appreciate any help you can give me, and thank you for the reply to my Breton Bowl, it was very helpful. Have a great if snowy weekend, Carol PS Found another, large, cameo which obviously came off the biggest french semi mourning
locket, so carefully stuck it back in place!
Hi Carol,Thanks for the latest Question and the photo of the coins.Actually I've been snowed under this end, so your slight delay worked out just fine. (1) Small coin on braided hair tassel.This is known as s "spade guinea token" a copy in brass of a George III gold half guinea. They were used as a chip in various card games and board games and sometimes called a jeton, although strictly speaking a jeton was used as an abacus counter, rather than a gaming token. Called a "spade" guinea because when a change in the royal shield shape on the reverse was introduced in 1787, everyone commented that it looked like a spade.Spade guinea gaming tokens were produced by the hundreds of thousands, they were the 18th century equivalent of monopoly money and so have very little value today, despite their more than two centuries of age.However, mounted like this in a way that's reminiscent of a rabbit's foot charm, would certainly give yours a little more value as it was clearly cherished as a talisman through who knows what wars and blitzes. I think originally it would have had another brass cup and anchor loop at the end and would have been a fob, rather like this one. Braided hair jewelry -and yes that's real human hair- was very popular in Victoria times and this type of braiding was called a "hair chain".So both together and I believe you have quite an interesting and desirable item. As for the value of the coin on its own, this one, for instance, that's similarly pierced and of the same date, sold on line for £25, so with the authentic Victorian hair chain I would give yours a value in the £35 - £50 range. Full retail/replacement value: £100. (2) Gold colored coin in a rolled gold pendant bezelThis one looks like its the real thing, namely, an 1899 Queen Victoria gold half sovereign.The color, patination and texture look spot on. You just need to have it confirmed as gold (22 kt) by your local jeweler. Also, it should be 19.30 mm in diameter.Condition is everything in numismatics and this one would be graded as 'well circulated'. Even so, the very least you should get for this "veiled" or "old head" image Queen Victoria gold half sovereign is £180, but I can see it fetching £200 - £250 on eBay, considering it's mounted. Full retail/replacement value: £400.Hope this helps!Best wishes,Robert. PS. That's great that you found one of the missing cameos. How satisfactory, well done!
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Brilliant, as usual. Thank you for your time and trouble and I think that is probably it for the moment as I have SO much tagging and bagging to do but will put the half sovereign on line as soon as it has been tested.
Hope you don't get the snow wherever you are - it has just started sleeting here in Dorset, thank goodness I don't have a Fair tomorrow.
Will be back when next I need your expertise,
Very best wishes,
It's going to be a cold night here in southern Tennessee, USA, a hard frost but no snow.I think I prefer that to Dorset sleet of which I've had my share. My son lives in Bath and Dorset is an old stomping ground for me in decades gone by -probably my favourite county in England. Cousins in Wool and Dorchester.Have a wonderful weekend!Robert.