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Robert S.
Robert S., Antiques and Collectibles Researcher
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Experience:  Expert in decorative arts especially ceramics, silver, paintings, and furniture.
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S Tried to send another picture but failed! so am

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For Robert S
Tried to send another picture but failed! so am trying again this is painted on canvas that is laid down( or was) on board a hunting scene very sketchely painted almost as if painted at the scene rather than later very dirty and draftsmanship a bit dodgy on horses! on back of panel very low Christies stencil ? mark at the moment cant see how to add pictures?
Hi April,It's interesting that this one seems to have been removed from its stretcher at some point and mounted onto that board.It's a pleasing fox hunting scene, circa mid-1800s, and would probably look a whole lot less sketchy if it were cleaned. The varnish has darkened, particularly where it's settled into the hollows of the brushstrokes and hiding the paler tones below. It also needs to be relined and put back on a stretcher, not a difficult operation for a picture restorer.The "376" may just be a coincidental marking on the lumber so will have to ignore it. If that backboard is plywood, then it's a later addition as laminated woods are a 20th century feature, probably added when the stretcher rotted away or became too infected with woodworm (they love that linseed oil).Again, these hunting genre scenes are so universal at this time it's going to be impossible to attribute an artist. I would call it "after Dean Wolstenholme (1798-1882)". It's a great composition with a classic hunting narrative scene, and if cleaned up and re-lined, this one would sell at auction in the range of £400 - £600. Full retail/replacement/insurance value: £1200.Hope this helps!Best wishes,Robert
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thanks Robert the trouble is cleaning and relying nowadays would eat up any sale value and as I am sure you know dealers hate buying recently restored pictures so in away pay less for them! I think Dean Wolstenholme is possibly the right answer to this. I think it is still worth sending the stencil mark to Chrisites and I will let you know how I get on. this would be a NIGHT MARE TO CLEAN AS WOULD HAVE TO BE RELINED FIRST AS PAINT SO FLAKEY i NEED TO ASK YOU ANOTHER QUESTION SO WILL FILL IN FORM AGAIN
Yes, I agree, I always advise people to restore a painting ONLY if they are going to keep it. As you say, the market prefers "as is" unrestored condition and it's only possible to recoup the cost when the value gets to five figures, which is rarely the case.It's hard to see the degree of damage from this end, but if it's as flaky as you say it is, it's going to be an expensive fix.I'd be interested to hear if you get any feedback from Christies on that number.Best wishes,Robert
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thanks Robert have been having problems with computers and want to send you some pics on a piece of moss agate
For Robert S
you must be getting very bored of my stream of stuff and I have found your help very reassuring and will be great to help with sales I fear there is a lot more pictures I am going to have to send you some tricky ones. Which reminds me did I send you pictures of a Madonna and child? I have this Moss agate bowl which is a large piece of moss agate I tried to send you details before but not sure they went it is very plain and I am not sure if it is Russian? or perhaps Chinese will try and send you the pictures now of it.Just realised I cant send them as they are on the other computer I fear a trip to 'help the aged' to morrow to find out why downstairs lap to is not picking up internet will send pictures then
Okay, will await pics of moss agate with interest.Meanwhile, you did indeed send me the Madonna & Child and I'll have an answer for you on that shortly.Best wishes,R
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
For Robert S
Moss agate picturesHope I can now send you these pictures if I can add them !
Got the photos of the bowl, many thanks.Can you very kindly open a new question for it and I'll transfer my answer there.Meanwhile, could you do a test and see if you are able to easily scratch the unpolished underside of the base with a needle?Also, how big is it?Many thanks,Robert