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Robert S., Antiques and Collectibles Researcher
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S ONLY next box of stuff I am working on is this

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For Robert S ONLY
next box of stuff I am working on is this book/folder in cardboard cover 'Chinese Color Prints Today selected and introduced Jan Tschichold 194616 facsimles
Hi April!
Just letting you know I've discovered your missing question.
What a very nice set. Is that sixteen prints in all?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes 16 and the pages are still uncut on the script in pretty good condition
This is beautiful folio of 20th century woodblock printing from the Modernist era.It was designed and edited by Jan Tschichold (Germany & Switzerland 1902 - 1974) master book designer and typographer and published in 1953 by the Holbein Publishing Company, Basle, Switzerland. He was a follower of the Bauhaus movement and did for letter fonts what Mies van der Rohe did for architecture. One of Tschichold's claims to fame is that, from 1947 - 1949 when living in England, he designed the layouts and fonts for Penguin and Pelican books. This set of colour prints is by three different famous Chinese artists.The Chinese calligraphy title for the work (on the blue cover) reads:让乎牋缯Which I tentatively translate as: "Enjoy the peace of these silk bound prints"The lithograph you illustrated, the single stem rose bud (or is it a blown rose, down to its last petal?) is by Chang Ta-Ch'ien (Zhang Daqian) 張大千 (1899 - 1983)The print on the front of the slipcase of a water beetle and an arrowhead- Sagittaria sagittifolia is by Qi Baishi (Chi Pai-Shih) (1864 -1957)The third artist is Chen Shi Tseng 陈师曾 (1826 - 1923).Here are all the illustrations and some retail/gallery prices for each one on a website I stumbled on that's selling them.As is always the case, these prints are worth way more if sold individually, but the folio and slipcase, intact, would auction or eBay in the range of £50 - £80 with a full retail price of £160.Hope you survived the mackerel!Best wishes,Robert
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thanks what a difficulty, always disliked breakers. We had a very disagreable cousin of my mothers, who came to stay in August 1939 with her husband and her dog, suddenly her husband said excuse me and got up from lunch at the dining room table ( this is all hearsay as I was a baby) and disapeared. When coffee was being drunk Cousin J said I will just go upstairs to see if he is alright and came down stairs in tears, he had left her ( which my pa said she didn't seem to mind too much, but he had taken the dog which she did) 3 days later or so war was declared and she had no where to go, and so she stayed till 1947! To make her self pin money she made very heavy un useable plate mats made from old prints mostly hand coloured which she sold to my mother ( always a soft touch) and all the neighbours, the trouble was she was cutting the engravings out of the books in the library, getting the glass from yard which was being cut by the carpenter on the estate, mounted them with pas pa trout which she either borrowed from my father or ocassionaly bought and then these HEAVY mats were sold back at 30/-! So you see why I don't like the idea of breaking them up! But if it will make a biggish difference then perhaps thentrouble is one will sell 6 or may be 8 and the others wont sell so I will have to think about this . How much do you think they are worth as individual paintings? sort of £20.00 each?
Yes, I would say at least £20.00 each, I would ask £30.00.But you are right, you'll be stuck with one or two that won't sell, which is always a bore.What a ghastly story (amusingly told!) of the cousin-who-stayed! All those lovely old books vandalized for useless place mats. It sounds like a metaphor for Bolshevik communism, the State committed to buying back the workers' useless goods, for which there was no demand, just to maintain the idealism of 100% employment. Reminds one of a dreary Chehkov play.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
as I am so dyslexic I have to read things twice before I get it sometimes, and thinking about these pieces I re read your note and looked up the sight which I had missed on first reading. Really very interesting, prints are very much my weak link so what I want to know is you call them wood blocks but they talk about lithographs so if you describe something like this do you say these lithograph wood blocks as the lithographs have been taken from the original wood block print?
Yes the dreadful cousin she was also a cousin of some rather grander neighbours they thought she would be useful when returning to their Palace which had been something else during the war, so took her on but they much firmer than my parents and had her knuckles well wrapped when the pas pa tout and glass appeared!
Yes I do agree, the print terminology is very confusing and people throw around the word "woodblock" a little loosely, myself included. To be honest, it's not that clear how these were made. Since there's no press mark round the edges it's safe to assume they are not lithographs (strictly from a stone block) but they may not be woodblocks either, which are a series of carved wood engravings, a different one for each color and printed in a carefully planned order, but mostly a specialty of the Japanese rather than Chinese.These may simply be 4-colour offset printed (in which case you'll see micro-dots under a loupe or strong magnifying glass) However, I suspect they were silk screen printed, in which case you should see the shadow of the warp and the weft of the silk through a magnifying glass.In which case the Chinese text would translate a little more meaningfully,让乎牋缯"Enjoy the peace of these silk screen prints"The Chinese language is so ambiguous, and way above my pay grade to translate reliably, so this may be a little off, but the hànzì of the calligraphy is correct, I think. Relatives who outstay their welcome are not easily put off, it sounds like your parents were wonderfully kind and endlessly patient. Not so my stepmother who had a similar lingering relative to deal with, who was impossibly difficult and at one meal would not eat her apple crumble unless she had cream. She was told there wasn't any. "There must be some!" she cried, "I demand cream". My stepmother went to the kitchen to double-check and of course there really wasn't any, and then had an inspiration. She went out to the feed-store in the stable yard and mixed up a good thick brew of dried mare's milk substitute and took it in to her in proper cream jug and didn't say a word."O this is delicious!" Lady Impossible declared. Which of course was a disaster because she then extended her stay for weeks and had reconstituted mare's milk powder with her pudding every day.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I love your story about the mares milk! I'm very impressed with your knowledge of Chinese, still thinking what would be best I think perhaps I might photograph them all and sell them as a set of prints which might make more than a book but less than breakers but at least they are all together and then who ever buys them can then have the slip folder they came in. . My uncle used to say guests like fish--- when he got that far one would know it was time to leave his house in S of F was VERY comfortable but about 5 days and I would see he was begining to think it was time to go so one would say we are off to morrow before we stink ( the inviation from my Aunt had been for a week)) I remember once I had a dinner party here and the dogs did super market swipe, when I left the dining room to see who had arrived it was only half a minute but the whippitt was on the table and the lurtcher had bits of smoked salmon coming out of his mouth. A quick dash by a guest to supermarket and the very good wild salmon beautifully smoked side that I had been given was replaced by far too fat super market stuff. I hadn't had time to tell Quentin and so as we sat down I heard him say to lady on right this is some rather special salmon caught on the Dee and locally smoked. and she said as she had her first mouthful of third rate local farmed fish 'Ah you can always taste the difference this is so much better'!
pay pal a bit bare at the moment have had to have 4 new tires new exhaust and just paid for boiler maintance and of course a hugely expensive part. and no good sales to speak of.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Firstly Happy Easter I have an idea I want to throw over the water but not on paper when the festiviites are over I would like to ring you about it or you ring me? If I ring on this line do I get though to you or not? I never use face book but I am on it Customer
Back from Easter break! Apologies for the pause, will send a message to FB as soon as I can.Loved the story of the naughty dogs and the "Dee"-licious Tesco salmon!