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Glenda B. Appraiser
Glenda B. Appraiser, Antiques Appraiser
Category: Antiques
Satisfied Customers: 26508
Experience:  40+ yrs. experience buying and selling antiques as a collector and 14+ yrs. as antique store owner. Member of Association of Online Appraisers and AADA.
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I should be very grateful if you could look at this figurine

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Hi, I should be very grateful if you could look at this figurine please. It is a lady seated on a tree stump plucking a game bird. The modelling is crisp and colours vibrant. It is quite weighty - not hollow. Her head has at one time been re-adhered. I love this piece. It measures Height:8 1/4" Width: 3". There is a blue mark to the base, Many thanks Sue

Good Morning Sue,

Hope you are doing well today.


This Little Lady Figurine appears to be a 19th C, Staffordshire figurine. She would date to the late 1800's around 1880 to 1900. She has a retail ( Book Value , Insurance replacement ) of $75.00-100.00. The price they would sell for in an Antique shop, or high end Antique Website would be -$100.00-120.00 and higher depending where it is located. Auction values on places such as Ebay on today's market they are only bringing an average of $25.00 to 100.00 depending on who bids on it. Here is a link to show you what this lady figurine just sold for, , 23.96 sold price.

You can see that it did not sell for what it is actually worth, they do not seem to be selling well at auction. That does not mean you cannot ask whatever you would like for this, there is no set rule that says you have to sell for auction price or even the retail value. Items are sold all the time for much more then they are worth and sadly at times for much less then they are worth. If it were mine and I was selling it, I would list this for $75.00-100.00 and see how it does. If it did not sell then I would hang onto it for a bit and try again. Selling always depends on the right person coming along and wanting what you have.


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:) ( smiles )

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you Glenda - that is most helpful. Best wishes Sue

You are very welcome Sue,

I hope you have a great evening ( I think you are in the UK ) It is morning here so I think if I am right it would be around 3pm there?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Glenda,
Yes I am. I didn't realise that you were in the USA - that explains the dollar valuations :-) . You have the time spot on. Have you have a happy day ahead. Kind wishe Sue

Thank you, ***** ***** your plate too!