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I am doing a house clearance and have a large number amount

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Hi, I am doing a house clearance and have a large number amount of silver cutlery - but can't figure out the stamps or the engraving
Assistant: I always love having an appraiser look at my stuff. Sometimes its turned out to be surprisingly valuable. Tell us what else you do know and the Antiques Appraiser will be able to better assist you.
Customer: I have pictures. I know its made in London but there is also the number 1 stamped. The engraving is an eagle with spread wings above a crown
Assistant: Is there anything else the Antiques Appraiser should be aware of?
Customer: the stamps are: lion, leopard (with moustache), makers initials "SG" and then a "1"

Hello, and thank you for your question. I am reviewing it now and will reply again in a moment. ~Nora


Please add images at your convenience.

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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I have attached three pictures


Thank you for the images. Please allow me some time to look these over for you.


Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I can't see a response

I am typing it now, I will post when complete.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
sorry, my first time on the site so was getting concerned :-)
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I should have probably added that the items are out of Miriam Rothschild house - may help re. the engraving?


Thank you for your patience.

This is English hallmarked sterling silver.

The lion passant indicates this is British sterling silver.

The leopard head means that the sterling was assayed in London, England.

The letter (not a number 1) is a small case letter L. The cartouche shape the "L" is within is tri-lobed at the bottom, thus dating these to 1906.

The initials SG are for the maker Sebastian Henry Garrard.

The engraving on the handle end is a coat of arms, and these were common on this type of flatware.

These can average $30 - $45 per piece on today's market. The total value will depend on how many pieces there are in the set.

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Customer: replied 5 months ago.
thank you so much. Is there any way of finding out what the coat of arms relates to... could it be that it was specifically designed for this family of Rothschilds? Or (as I am actually hoping) is it just a generic coat of arms - just part of the pattern? If I want to ask about another item how do I do it on this site? I have a load of crystal too and can't find the pattern...but believe they could be more modern.


You are very welcome and my pleasure to be of help to you here.

It is a generic coat of arms that was common on a lot of flatware sets from that period. It does not pertain specifically to the Rothschild family.

I will be happy to help with additional items, however for each new item you will please need to start a new question thread.

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Thank you!


Nora and other Antiques Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
thanks Nora, I will do that tomororw - it has been very helpful

You are very welcome and thank you for the positive rating here!