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I have a collection of 10 royal doulton figurines which i

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Hello i have a collection of 10 royal doulton figurines which i inherited. I do wish to sell but dont know where to start. Wether to sell as a collection or separate. They are the doulton images set of the black edition. Can you advise me please ? Thank you
Assistant: I always love having an appraiser look at my stuff. Sometimes its turned out to be surprisingly valuable. Is there anything else important you think the Antiques Appraiser should know?
Customer: Can you point me in the right direction of an appraiser ?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My collecrion

Hi! My name is***** would be glad to help with your Doulton collection.

Thanks for the photo, I can see exactly what you have. These figurines, made in traditional black basalt clay, with an attractive matte finish, were modeled by a number of different artists including Robert Jefferson, Eric Griffiths, Pauline Parsons, Adr***** ***** and ***** ***** and marketed by Royal Doulton from the late 1970s until circa 1997 as a series called "Royal Doulton Images".

They are not quite old enough yet, to have gained any value for being antique, but they do have a modest but dedicated following of collectors who buy them on the secondary market (auctions and online sales) however, prices have not quite reached the RRP values they sold for originally.

The figures in brackets are the value ranges to expect if you were to sell at a good local auction, or on line (eBay/Etsy/Amazon etc) and the figures in bold are the 'book values', in other words the full retail value, which is also the replacement value for insurance purposes.

  • "Tranquility" HN 2426 issued 1977. By Margaret (Peggy) Davies (£55- £75) £160.
  • "Carefree" HN 3029 issued 1985. By Robert Jefferson (£75- £125) £250.
  • "Free Spirit" HN 3159 or 3157 issued 1987. By Adr***** ***** (£60- £100) £200.
  • "Tenderness" HN 2714 issued 1982. By E.Griffiths (£50- £80) £150.
  • "Awakening" HN 2837 issued 1981. By Margaret (Peggy) Davies (£50- £80) £150.
  • "Sympathy" HN 2838 issued 1981.By Margaret (Peggy) Davies (£40 - £60) £120.
  • "Peace" HN 2433 issued 1977. By Margaret (Peggy) Davis (£40 - £60) £120.
  • "Mother & Daughter" HN 2843 issued 1981. By Eric J Griffiths (£50 - £75) £150.
  • "Sisters" HN 3019 issued 1983. By Pauline Parsons (£40 - £60) £120.
  • "Thankful" HN 3135 issued 1987. By Pauline Parsons (£20 - £35) £75.

You'll be able to read off the marks on the bottom to identify each piece, so there should be no need for me to label them in your photo, but let me know if you can't, and I'd be happy to identify any of them for you.

This is all assuming they are in perfect condition. Sadly, even the slightest chip will decimate the value.

The best way to sell these is individually on a site like eBay, but there's packing and shipping to take into consideration which is not for the faint-hearted or impatient, but is certainly do-able if a few commonsense rules are followed such as using enough protection and padding and, most importantly, double-boxing.

You could also contact your nearest antiques mall and ask them who the local Royal Doulton dealer is. They will know and give you contact details. Dealers usually pay the low end of the auction estimates, if they are interested. This is possibly the easiest way to go as it involves no seller's commission or shipping.

Hope this is helpful!

Best wishes,

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