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How much are my two silver gravy boats worth please and are

Customer Question

How much are my two silver gravy boats worth please and are they antique or new silver?
Submitted: 11 days ago.
Category: Antiques
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
The smaller older looking one weighs 107 g and larger one 228 g
Expert:  GregoryH46 replied 11 days ago.

Just looking at your pictures. Will respond soon. Greg

Expert:  GregoryH46 replied 11 days ago.

Your first picture shows a genuinely antique sauce boat. It is difficult to discern the marks due to polishing but it was assayed in London and is about 200 years old. It is the smaller of the two by your description and half of the weight of the modern one?  The exact date and maker cannot easily be read.

The modern one was also hall marked in London but much more recently in 1960 I think.

If the modern one has a mass of 228 grammes then that is just over 7 troy ounces. The intrinsic value is therefore about seven times £15 for sterling silver at present ( Just over £100). That does seem quite heavy for modern silver but I am sure that your weights are correct. Of course this item is not just worth the metal price and in reality if you saw it at an antique fair then it might well be priced at £150 or so. A newly manufactured on would cost much more of course.

The antique one is harder to value. It's metal content is of course much less but it is a much rarer item and so the silver weight is less relevant. I think one might be hard pressed to buy this for less than £200 especially if it proved possible by first hand inspection to establish the maker and the exact date. Hope that helps. Greg

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
thank you - what is your advice on the best way to sell the antique one. should i take it to a dealer who can then try to read the marks (they are worn down)
Expert:  GregoryH46 replied 11 days ago.

I would ask your local auction house but sometimes best to sell it yourself after you have their opinion. Greg