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My dishwasher model s51m63x1gb is showing error 15 and I cannot

Customer Question

My dishwasher model s51m63x1gb is showing error 15 and I cannot reset it. I understand that this means it thinks it is not getting any water, but that seems unlikely to me as the opposite had been the problem, i.e. water was not being pumped out. The pump had been making a whirring sound and was pumping only a trickle. I checked the impeller, which was clear, and the drain looked clear too. I ran dishwasher cleaner through it on the hottest cycle and it stopped with an hour to go, showing the error. The machine had a lot of water in it which I scooped out. I made another check of the pump impeller - it was still clear. I poured water into the unit, the pump then ran normally without making the whirring noise. I would be surprised if there is an additional fault over and above the pump problem, which appears now to be resolved. Could it be that the error message is linked to the original problem and hence, if reset, may allow the dishwasher to work as it should? Please advise.
Chris Tombs
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance