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I have a siemens climate control fridge freezer. While the

Customer Question

I have a siemens climate control fridge freezer. While the freezer section is working, the fridge section is not cool.
Any thoughts as to how to fix?
Many thanks
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Daniel replied 4 years ago.



Can you post the model number please.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Model number is kg34nx90gb/01
FD 8606
Expert:  Daniel replied 4 years ago.



Thanks for that. This is a full frost free appliance so basically the fridge gets its cooling from the freezer. The fan inside the freezer blows cold air into the fridge section.


So if the freezer is fine but the fridge isn't then its either the fan in the freezer is faulty or the evaporator in the freezer is blocked with ice and has stopped the air flow.


Now theres 2 ways to clear this. The easyist way is to full defrost the appliance. Turn off and leave the freezer door open for 24 hours. This will allow the ice to melt.


Or you can empty the freezer and remove the evaporator tray in the freezer at the top and drop it down. Then you can use a hairdryer to defrost it. Now this way is more harder as if its blocked with ice its not easy to remove the panels.


Once its defrost then see how it goes from there. It should get back to normal again from there.


But if it does it again in say 2-3 weeks then it has a defrost fault. Either the defrost heater, thermal cut out or control unit can be at fault here causeing this.


But try the defrost first and see how it goes. Fingers crossed this will get it going again.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I thought it may need a defrost so defrosted it already about a week 10 days ago and it still doesn't seem to be working. Ie it worked for a week and now it isn't again. So I am assuming it is something more serious as you say above.
Should I try and defrost again as a temporary solution until I can get someone round to fix it.
Expert:  Daniel replied 4 years ago.



Ok if you have already defrosted it and it worked for a week then it will have a fault on the defrost side.


But yes you can keep defrosting it yourself as a temporary solution until you get someone in as once defrosted as you know it will work for a week.


If you need anymore info just get back to me.