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My DW 917 dishwasher has a fault with its timer, where it wont

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My DW 917 dishwasher has a fault with its timer, where it won't fill the machine but then pumps water around if I fill it artificially. Then it will suddenly stop in the middle of a programme. I can sometimes hear the timer motor working, and then the knob moves on to the next part of the cycle and the machine starts pumping again. Is it possible to fit a new timer or is this model obsolete? Thanks, Martin

Hi, welcome to Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you with your problem today. If anything isnt clear, please just ask me.

Can you open the door and find the rating plate in the door recess please? On there is the product number.

Please let me have this and ill check if the part is available for you.

Please put the letter A directly in front of the number, so it looks like



Can you also tell me its age?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.


The product No. is A911812019. I think it was made in 2006 but I'm not sure. I now think that the timer is OK but there is something stopping the machine filling with water! Can you confirm that the timer stops moving during the heating cycle?

Thanks, Martin

Hi Martin

I think the machine is older as the timer is now listed as being obsolete.

When the timer reaches the heating cycle, power is stopped to the advancing motor, untill the correct water temperature is reached. At this point the thermostat closes and the timer will advance.

If no water enters the machine on any cycle, check the inlet valve.
If its open circuit you should replace it . Please see here (Just click on the word in blue)

If you need more help, please just ask me.

In the meantime,

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob,


Thank you very much for the answers received to date; they have been very helpful. I put my DW out in the back garden to avoid any "domestic difficulty" arising from flooding out the kitchen(!) I then disconnected two of the clear plastic tubes and washed them through with the garden hose, and using a multimeter found that the inlet valve solenoid is not open circuit. Having put everything back together again, the M/C seems to work, except that on programme "A" it stops and then starts again quite often. Although different from previous behaviour, it's something I can easily live with, although I'm not sure why this is happening. I'm also not sure why the machine initially refused to fill with water but now does. Would it be anything to do with cleaning out the plastic tubes? I did notice that the solonoid bit of the inlet valve seems to be loose on its mounting.

Hi Martin

Im not sure what the plastic tubes are that you describe, sorry.

Certainly if there was a blockage in one of them, flushing them out, may have resolved the problem.

As far as the solenoid is concerned, it is quite normal for this to be loose on its mounting. This doesnt affect the way in which it opens the valve and allows the water to enter the machine.

Something worth looking at is the pressure switch . Please click here
This is located under the wash chamber, remove the lower kick panel.
There is a thin tube attached to the switch. Remove t from the switch and blow hard down the tube to clear any obstruction. This is what detects the water level

Please ask if you need more help.
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