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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  Gas cooker specialist
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I have a greenstar 30cdi system with megaflo cylinder, the

Customer Question

I have a greenstar 30cdi system with megaflo cylinder, the system is on but will not ignite. I have pressed reset and the ignition light goes green for maybe 2-3 seconds then goes off and this is the same when I switch the system off and on? Any advice how I can get the system to ignite?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 4 years ago.

Andrew Smith : Does the boiler actually light at all?
Andrew Smith : And go out again, or fail to light at all?
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : The ignition light goes on very briefly but the system does not appear to fire up?
Andrew Smith : Does it continue to click even though it is lit?
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : It doesn't continue clicking or appear to light? The blue mains light is on and isn't flashing?
Andrew Smith : Flashing is a fault, this just does not light
Andrew Smith : Can you confirm the last time it was serviced and the ignition electrodes cleaned?
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : The system is 2 years old and hasn't been serviced in this time.
Andrew Smith : Ok, this is the first thing I would try.
Andrew Smith : get it serviced, make sure they clean the electrodes and condense trap
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : So is there no way of trying to make it ignite?
Andrew Smith : Not unless you feel comfortable with stripping and cleaning the electrodes yourself?
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : No but British gas don't charge to tell me to get the system serviced?
Andrew Smith : Your boiler has an ignition fault that can only be cleared by stripping and cleaning.
Andrew Smith : if you are capable to do this then we can cure this here and now
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : So how would you strip and clean it?
Andrew Smith : You will need to take off the front cover and expose the internals to start with
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : Done
Andrew Smith : Can you follow the big thick wire to the ignition electrode?
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : There is a black lead into a circular part in the middle of te unit?
Andrew Smith : On the electrode end it is usually held in place by a couple of pozi drive screws
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : No from the black lead there is a plastic connector? There is a thick white lead with 2red wires coming out and connecting like 2 spark plugs?
Andrew Smith : That's the one. Remove the plug out of the hole carefully
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : Ok I have disconnected the plastic connector at the end of the black lead
Andrew Smith : Can you remove the electrode?
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : Is the electrode the clear plastic connector? There is one black lead with 5 small wires into it. I can disconnect that? Or there is a black lead into a Bosch unit DDPWM 15-60 this has a connector which does not appear to come off? Which one is it?
Andrew Smith : The one that leads to the ignition electrode with the small window where you would normally see a flame
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : The small window has 1 to its left with a blue wire and 2 to the right with red wires?
Andrew Smith : Red wires sounds right, heads to a spark plug type connection
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : Yes I can disconnect them
Andrew Smith : Then remove the electrode from the boiler
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : I have disconnected the leads but the electrodes are fixed to a plate which houses the glass window with 2 + head screws?
Andrew Smith : Remove it all
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : Ok removed it
Andrew Smith : Can you get some scotchbrite and clean the electrodes until shiney
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : Ok once I have done that do I put it back together?
Andrew Smith : Yes
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : I have cleaned the electrodes, refitted the front plate and the 'spark plugs' but it is still not igniting?
Andrew Smith : Can you see it sparking through the small window?
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : No it doesn't seem to be firing or long enough?
Andrew Smith : Not lighting at all, or not sparking.
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : It is the same? It seems to engage for only 2seconds then stops? The ignition light goes green for 2 seconds then off?
Andrew Smith : Ok.
Andrew Smith : can you find the condense trap
Andrew Smith : On the left hand side with the condense pipe coming from it
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : Can to guide me to where it is or what I'm looking for?
Andrew Smith : Follow the plastic condense pipe back to the boiler, there will be a clear plastic container?
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : There is a copper pipe from the left of the electrode unit. At the base of the boiler there are 4 vertical lines by this pipe. The other two have 'tap' imagines at the side of them?
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : Ok I have found the clear container?
Andrew Smith : The plastic one runs to a drain
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : I have took off the clear plastic container. It was full of water and a lot of 'silt'? I have emptied it?
Andrew Smith : Can you wash it out and put it back together
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : Done that
Andrew Smith : Ok, let me know how it is now?
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : It still does not ignite. It is as if gas goes on for 2-3 seconds but doesn't ignite. It try's this several times then stops?
Andrew Smith : It does not know it is lit.
Andrew Smith : is there a small thin green wire that comes back from the burner also?
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : No, seems to be all colours but green?
Andrew Smith : We seem to be at end of what I can do from here
JACUSTOMER-2g6mhclj- : Ok thank you for being patient
Andrew Smith : No problem, best to call an engineer in the morning, but at least you have tried all the normal faults