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Hi,We have an Aquacycle 1050 which has been sitting unused

Customer Question


We have an Aquacycle 1050 which has been sitting unused for a couple of years, was working fine.

Now it apparently won't stop filling, even on the 'delicates' setting, and I have to say we've chickened out and switched it off & drained it once the water level rises above the glass - afraid of the door bursting open & 10 gallons of water on the floor !

Maybe there's actually nothing wrong and it should fill right up, but at present it cannot of course proceed to the washing cycle.

Incidentally, it's also only drawing cold water, but maybe the hot only comes in later in the cycle.

Grateful for your opinion, and if it needs a part would it still be available ?


Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Michael replied 4 years ago.


Hi Rosemary, there are two possibilities here.

One is the water solenoids they are the electrically operated valves at the rear of the machine that let water in.

Please try just a hot or cold setting and see if either one will not over fill the machine?

But the most likely problem is the water level sensor.

That can gum up if not used for a time period.

I would really replace that first.

Here are 2 sites where you can obtain the parts, if I were you I would replace both the water inlet valves in the rear of the unit where the hoses connect and the water level sensor, both are easy to repair:-)

I will work with you on this to save you $$$.

All you will need are few basic tool to do this as well.

Please if you rate my service as good or better before you close this page, the system will then allow me to schedule free follow ups with you so we can continue at no additional cost to you and it ensures that your question will remain open to us so we can guide you with the parts installation.. Here are the links you need, I would call them to be sure they send you the correct parts ;-)

Thank you

Tech Michael