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SparePartspro, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  Mech / Electrical Tech, Appliance Service Tech, PAT Test Eng
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I have a ceramic glass induction hob. E is displayed and it

Customer Question

I have a ceramic glass induction hob. E is displayed and it wont work. i have done what it says in the information book but nothing has changed.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  SparePartspro replied 4 years ago.

SparePartspro :

Thank You for using JustAnswer - My name is Tony and I am more than happy to help with your question today.

Error codes are normally numbered say E3 or other, can you check again and post back the model number for me.

JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- : Hi it is E 3 for a second then changes to E E AEG product no 941 177 505 serie FM4803K-AN
SparePartspro :

Ok thanks for that.
Might not be good news as this can indicate and under or over voltage from the mains.
Sometimes effects the power module.
Have you had a power cut recently?

JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- : Yes had electric work done
SparePartspro :

You will need to open up the appliance and lok for physical damage to the PCB like burn marks and so on.

JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- : Everything looks clean inside there are no burn marks
SparePartspro :

Did you remove the power board to inspect it.

JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- : We have taken the back plate off and striped as much as possible, all seems clean and in good order
SparePartspro :

When you took the back plate off could you see the PCB that controls the hob.

JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- : We can see the whole inside and nothing is visible, we have 2 hobs doing exactly the same thing.
SparePartspro :

What was the electric work you had done, was this a result of a power cut?

JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- :

we can see under the board and there is a scorch mark it apears to be between E22-E23 fuse holder marked repair option.

SparePartspro :

Remove the fuse from the holder and check it using a meter.

JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- :

there is no fuse in the holder

SparePartspro :

What you refer to on the board is a test point.
The scorch marks will mean the board is burnt out.
Replacing it may be your only option or you could try get it repaired.

JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- :

how do we replace the board? why is there a fuse holder? and why does it say repair option?

SparePartspro :

It's there for a test engineer to use.
The best way to have this repaired is to send it off for replacement.
There is a company who can do all this for you.
Are you in a position to remove the board if needs be.

JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- :

yes i can remove the board.

JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- :

what is the cost, we have two hobs with the same problem. is this going to happen every time we have electrical work done.

SparePartspro :

This fault didn't result from the work done, it's because of a power surge that's why I asked if you had a power cut.

If you CLICK HERE you can get a quote from them. I have used them on several occasions.

SparePartspro :

If you need anymore help with this then just let me know, I'm off to make a brew.
I'll be back soon.

Regards Tony

SparePartspro :

How have you got on with the repair to your Induction Hob.
Do you need any other help with this.

JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- : Hi tony, we have sent the pcb off to we're you recommended.
JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- : we have received them back but when we have reconnected them it trips the cb.
JACUSTOMER-bsw31jc9- : Can you give us any more advice please.
Expert:  adamd-mod replied 4 years ago.

I've sent a message to the expert to let him know you're waiting on a reply.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The pcb's were returned with what appears to be a small piece of wire bridging the burnt circuit. I reconnected them , now when the power is turned on,it trips out instantly at the circuit breaker on the main fuse board.
Expert:  SparePartspro replied 4 years ago.
Although the PCBs have been repaired, the original fault that caused them to fail is still in the hob.
If it is tripping the circuit breaker then you have a fault to earth probably from a burnt out heater element.
You need to get access to a meter called a megger that can check for insulation resistance.
Your local electrician will have one so ask them to check the appliance for insulation resistance.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The electrician is away on holiday till next Tuesday, I will speak to him then, and let you know what happens. Thanks
Expert:  SparePartspro replied 4 years ago.
OK, just reply back when you are ready.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The electrician has checked each individual connection separately and all was soon as he connected. It to the other half of the hob were there are no burn markes or scorches everything looks fine. It then trip the main circuit board.
Expert:  SparePartspro replied 4 years ago.
There is only one reason why the hob would trip the circuit breaker and your electrician would know that.
There is a break down in insulation.

After you turn on the hob how long does it take before the mains trips out.
if there is a delay, have any of the hotplates started to warm up.