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SparePartspro, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  Mech / Electrical Tech, Appliance Service Tech, PAT Test Eng
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Hiya, I have a hotpoint tcd970 tumble dryer which has decided

Customer Question

Hiya, I have a hotpoint tcd970 tumble dryer which has decided to stop working. I can start a cycle on the display and te startup sounds normal, but the drum is not spinning. Taken the side off and the belt is fine. Any ideas?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  SparePartspro replied 4 years ago.

SparePartspro :

Thank You for using JustAnswer - My name is Tony and I am more than happy to help with your question today.

I take it you can see the belt going around the drum.
Have you tried pulling on the belt to check it's tension.

JACUSTOMER-x44111xl- : Yeah belt is tight and goes fully round the drum. I have spun the drum by hand and can find nothing wrong with the belt.
SparePartspro :

So when you press start, can you hear the motor turn or does it just make a humming noise.

JACUSTOMER-x44111xl- : Motor doesn't turn on starting. No humming either. The display also says clean condenser which I have done, but still shows on display.
SparePartspro :

In your opening question you say that the startup sounds normal.
I assumed you could hear something starting.

JACUSTOMER-x44111xl- : Yeah. Normal sounds of general humming and water pump. No humming sounds by the motor though. I can also hear some relay switches clicking in.
SparePartspro :

If the display says clean condenser then this is where the problem lies.
Other than that other faults will be notified by error codes on the display.
It is possible that the pump for the condenser unit is blocked so you need to think about looking at the tube that is fed from the condenser unit to the pump at the rear.

JACUSTOMER-x44111xl- : Ok. No other error codes. Both black and clear tubes are clear. Any way I can check the condenser unit pump?
SparePartspro :

Did you blow down both tubes. They get blocked with fluff.

JACUSTOMER-x44111xl- : Yep blown down both tube and can clearly see no fluff.
SparePartspro :

Put the condenser unit back and make sure it pushes home fully.
Turn off the power at the wall.
Close the door on the dryer.
Turn power back on at the wall and tell me what it says on the display on the front control panel.

JACUSTOMER-x44111xl- : Says, cotton high heat
JACUSTOMER-x44111xl- : C lean condenser
SparePartspro :

There is a valve that connects the condenser to the back of the housing.
There must be a blockage there.
Make sure the valve can open in the back of the condenser.