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fixer2013, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  PAT Testing C&G Level 3 100/439/1
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My Neff Gas hob has an automatic ignition which lights the

Customer Question

My Neff Gas hob has an automatic ignition which lights the gas when the ring knob is pressed down.
However, the mechanism is continuously 'clicking' on one hob and continuously sparking on all hobs and I am unable to stop it.

This happened before and I was able to stop it by pushing down the knob firmly.However, on this occasion that hasn't worked. The hob has been clicking now for over five hours.

Can you help?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  fixer2013 replied 4 years ago.

fixer2013 :

Hello Good afternoon.

fixer2013 :

MY advice would be to turn the electricity off to the oven as soon as possible. This is for your safety, as you received an eletrical shock. Then call an engineer. The Neff phone number is For the UK please call: 0844 892 8989.

fixer2013 :

or th website is

fixer2013 :

I hope you get it sorted soon.

fixer2013 :

Kind regards

JACUSTOMER-43et3cjo- :


JACUSTOMER-43et3cjo- :

Hi I didn't mention in my original query that I had turned the electricity off and then later on again. This made no difference whatsoever. Calling an engineer in the UK (I am in Ireland) is not a satisfactory answer or an answer I would have expected

Expert:  fixer2013 replied 4 years ago.

Hello again.

I was only thinking of your safety. I suggested that by calling the Neff number they could give you a contact in Ireland of a suitable engineer.

Im sorry that you thought that my answer was not what you expected. But as something is definitely not right with the cooker. An engineer would be the best thing to do.