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I have a Creda Colonial built-in fan oven. It is not heating

Customer Question

I have a Creda Colonial built-in fan oven. It is not heating up. Noticed that the fan was not rotating so changed it but it has remained stationary. Element has about 21 ohm resistance so that seemed OK. When on there is apparently no voltage at the element terminals or the fan terminals. Is there a thermostat that could be faulty, causing there to be no current being sent?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Michael replied 4 years ago.

Hi, Sorry to hear that.
How old is the oven?
May I have the full model #?
Does yours use a clock to turn it on?
And are there any error messages?
Thank you this information will help me greatly solve this for you:-)
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Oven is 20 years old. Model number as already stated. The is an analogue timer clock but we rarely use it. There is nowhere for any error messages to appear. The oven light comes on and so does the cooling fan but not the heating element or the circulation fan.


Expert:  Michael replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Jan,
The problem is just the dials that sets Bake / Broil also the one that has the T Stat for temp will need to be replaced.
Its easy to do with only a few simple hand tools, almost anyone can do this:-)
I will help you with this and you can get these parts from an excellent company in the UK.
Its is called Espares.
Its best to call them for these parts: 0844 9777 888
We can help you fix this and it wont take more than 1/2 hour to do this repair:-)
But Since this question may continue for some time, if you will rate my service as good or better
before you close this window, the system here will allow me to schedule free follow ups with you
so your question won't close or time out and you can contact me anytime at no additional cost.
Thank you
Tech Michael

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Fixed now. Called in my local repair man - cost me £40 including new T-stat. Becuase the fan had stopped the element overheated and had burned out the temperature stat. There was nothing wrong with the controls. Also the replacement fan, supplied by eSpares, was a different make and design and was supplied without screws. The original screws were too long and hit the back of the motor housing causing it to screech.


Not sure about the advice. New hotpoint switches cost over £40 and eSpares don't stock switches for the 48254 model.

Expert:  Michael replied 4 years ago.

Hi Jan, the reason I mentioned both switches is because you wouldn't know which to replace.
without testing and knowledge on this. I am happy you did get it fixed in any case. As far as Espares they may just not carry them any longer.
I would have talked you through his as thats what I do for most of our customers but in any case happy you saved some money anyway:-)
Have a great day!
By the way, it wont cost you to rate my service as Ok or better or you may wish to not rate at all, either way thats fine.
Tech Michael