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Hi Wonder if you can help.. I have a Ferroli Optimax HE31C

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Wonder if you can help.. I have a Ferroli Optimax HE31C boiler which is installed in a house I have just bought... had it serviced and had all radiators replaced last week.
Even before it was serviced I had issues with the water pressure (F37 fault) .. i.e. when I left the house in the evenings (don't live there.. currently refurbishing) and had had the central heating on, all seemed to be fine. However, when returning in the morning, the fault code F37 was flashing on the LED screen. This happens every day.. I have to resolve the issue by opening up the fill taps (black ones) to fill to 1.5 bar, then completely turn off the boiler at the wall for a few mins. When I turn back on, the boiler goes into initiate mode then eventually the heating / hot water symbols appear. Could anyone give me some advice please? I obviously don't want a tenant to be resetting the boiler each day just to have heat and hot water .. just don't understand what could be the issue with the boiler losing pressure back down to zero each day.... I have checked around for leaks at each radiator but none are evident.. any help and advice would be much appreciated
Welcome and thank you for trusting your technical issue with Just Answer Pearl!
I am Tech Michael and I will be assisting you today.
I have some questions for you in order to assist you the best way possible.
Thank you for your patience as these are technical issues:-)
Can you tell me how long ago the system was installed?
Also does it work well at night, even though you experience this upon return?
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Michael

The system was installed probably about 6 or 7 years ago...

Once i have refilled and rebooted the boiler, works fine all day. I turn off when I leave by pressing the standby button. When I return to the house, I have to go through the whole process again


The F37 code is for low pressure so thats the issue.. just dont understand why when there are no leaks visible anywhere

Thanks Steve,
This could be be of two issues here one is that the main controller is going bad.
But that is not likely.
What you have is a clogged line so the water isn't flowing in as quick as it should and the controller is detecting this and will display an error and shut down until you rest the system.
I will help you further if you want to replace this your self , with my help?
But its really just either a clog in the check valve or or a build up of minerals that cause this, it may be as simple as the sensor becoming clogged and thats what I would first check and replace.
I will stick with you until we have this fixed but its not an expensive repair in any case but Since this question may continue for some time, if you will rate my service as good or better
before you close this window, the system here will allow me to schedule free follow ups with you
so your question won't close or time out and you can contact me anytime at no additional cost.
Have a great evening Steve!
Thank you
Tech Michael

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