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Hoover Performa Family PDF15. Intermitent issues getting

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Hoover Performa Family PDF15.
Intermitent issues getting worse. All mechanics seem fine, but wash cycles decide to run for over 8 hours (on one occassion) to less than 5 minutes on others. I have reset and then rerun, but often all that happens on a new cycle is that that unit spins out from the last. Repeatedly the wash tab remains in the unopened drawer or has fallen into the cutlery tray and not dissolved. Is this a program unit fault, and if so can it be replaced economically?
Sorry, can you explain some more on this please?
If you set to your normal program and start it, what actually happens?
It should begin by running the drain pump, if this happens, what exactly happens from there on?
I don't understand what you mean by "unit spins out from the last".
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Different things happen. On some occasions it seems fine. On others, I have set it and left the house at 7.30am, and found it is still heating and washing at 5 pm that night! On other ocassions, it has been turned on and started, but then thinks it has finished in less than 5 minutes. The tablet is then normally untouched. On all occassions as far as I am aware the last cycle has completed. On the third attempt today it has run normally, but after:-

1. Turned on but nothing happened at all. I turned selector through 360 degrees to reset, switched off at mains and then started again.

2. It then ran, but stopped after 5 minutes with light on steady but no action. I left it for an hour, but nothing, so I reset it again. Tablet was undissolved in cutlery tray.

3.On third attempt, it seems to have run fine.

OK thanks for that.
This could be a faulty programmer or selector.
If it's the selector, then try rotating it numerous times to try and clean up the connections internally.
It could be dirty connections inside the selector causing the problem.

Unfortunately intermittent faults can be a devil to find and you could end up replacing a lot of parts to sort this out, if you go the diy repair route.
If you are having an engineer in to sort this out then you would have a labour charge before parts cost so whether it's worth repairing or not would largely depend on your interpretation of "economically".
I'd guess a repair cost of around £130 upward for the labour and parts if it's the programmer at fault.
If you use Hoover themselves, you can add around £50 more to the cost as they charge around £90 labour.
If you want to hedge your bets then I'd suggest a fixed price repair.
British Gas have an offer on at the moment where you get it repaired, parts and labour included for £125.
if it can't be repaired, there's no charge.
Click here for the British Gas offer
If you are going for self repair then you really need to use a megger to check the insulation of the machine and see if it's a faulty heater, faulty motor or faulty pump causing problems with the electrical system in the machine.
It's not uncommon for a low insulation heater to cause problems in the programmer, or any other low insulation item.
If you are able to test the various parts, pumps, heater, wiring etc, then you may be able to narrow the fault down.
Otherwise, I'm afraid it could be a fairly expensive repair, or a fixed price repair.
Hope this helps
Let me know how it goes or if you need more help.
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