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I need to replace my cooker hob extractor fan. The extractor

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I need to replace my cooker hob extractor fan. The extractor is hung from a cupboard over the cooker and vents out vertically from the extractor fan into a duct that runs vertically through the cupboard.

Can I install the Zanussi ZH1611G as a direct replacement for my existing extractor fan?

Thank you,

What is the make and model number of your existing cooker hood?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The make is Belling Formula Three.


The model is either 60/3, I think.


The dimensions are:

Width 600mm

Depth 300 mm

Height 150 mm


Ok, thanks for that.
Unfortunately, that's not a valid model number for your old hood.
Having looked at the zhi611g (nearest I could find to the number you posted) it would appear that this is a larger unit than the one you have presently fitted.
If you can fit this in place then you will need to slightly modify the ducting to get it to fit.
If the existing ducting is flexible hose (like the hose on a tumble dryer) then it's easy, if not, it would need to be looked at to see what needs doing.
Check out the dimensions of the new unit and see if it will fit the space you have.
Check the decor door from the old hood will fit the new one too.
In direct answer to your actual question, no, this zanussi hood wouldn't be a direct replacement for your old hood (based on the measurements provided).
Let me know what you find or if you need more help.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Thank you for your reply.


I think that I am OK with the dimensions since, if I understand correctly, the width would be the same and the Zanussi would be 30mm less deep (270mm vs 300mm for my old Belling. I can make good the decoration.


I am more concerned where you say "Check the decor door from the old hood will fit the new one too." I was assuming that the Zunussi unit would hang off the bottom of the cupboard over the cooker, as with the old Belling, so the opening of the cupboard door would not be affected. Can you confirm that please.


If the Zanussi will not be mounted under the cupboard, can you suggest another unit 598mm width and circa 300mm deep that would do that, as I am struggling to find one with any other manufacturer.


Thanks and best regards,



The Zanussi instructions I looked at show it to be an integrated cooker hood.
You pull open the door to activate it.

Unfortunately, without a valid model number I've no way of knowing which Belling hood you have.
If it's a slim type unit that hangs under a cupboard, then it's going to be a "visor hood".
Click here for a possible hood
There are many other visor hoods available.
Most can be ducted.
However they tend to be around 500mm deep.
If it's a canopy hood then it's normally inserted into a cut out in a cupboard above it.
Click here for a possible canopy hood
The cut out it fits into may need to be altered for this to fit.
There are many other canopy hoods available too.
Canopy hoods tend to be 280 to 290mm deep.
Hope this helps
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