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SparePartspro, Home Appliance Technician
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We have a Zanussi ZBS 773 built in oven (10/12 years old),

Customer Question

We have a Zanussi ZBS 773 built in oven (10/12 years old), Prod #949710843, it has developed an intermittent fault. The oven heats up and may (or may not) get up to temperature, the fans suddenly stop and the temp starts to drop ... then the fans cut in again and the temp climbs. (If fails both in fan oven mode and non-fan oven mode) .... sometimes it will recover its-self but usually we have to cycle the modes or switch it off/on .... Any clues as to what could be wrong? (Before we start buying repair or just scrap it) Thanks Dave

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  SparePartspro replied 4 years ago.

SparePartspro :

Thank You for using JustAnswer - My name is Tony and I am more than happy to help with your question today.

The oven is cutting out on over temperature.
If it resets itself then it will be using a Bi-metal thermal cutout device.
In the top of the oven above the grill there should be a cooling fan. If this has failed it may not be coming on when it comes to temperature so the thermal device will override and cut out the power to the oven.
This will require the use of a multimeter to check each device for its effectiveness.
You will also need to remove the oven from the carcass to gain access to the components.
Let me know if you are in a position to do this.

JACUSTOMER-rr049xhr- :

Yes I will be able to remove the oven from its housing when I get home on Thursday.

SparePartspro : Ok no problem, catch up later.
JACUSTOMER-rr049xhr- :

What do I need to check? (and its location)

SparePartspro :

Once you remove to oven from the carcass you should be able to take off the top cover of the oven.
You will notice the radial cooling fan located along the top of the oven.
Using a multimeter check the continuity of the motor.

Look at this drawing HERE you will see item 3 marked as the thermal limiter. You need to check this device as well.