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Dear Technician, I have 3 Bosch appliances that need maintenance

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Dear Technician,

I have 3 Bosch appliances that need maintenance or repair:

1) how can I get replacement door seals for my Bosch double oven, and how can I get them fitted? It is quite an old model with a timer and two fan ovens, but otherwise still working well.

2) my Bosch hob has a faulty (inoperable) gas ignition button. How can I get this replaced or repaired? An older model (fitted at same time as the double oven) - GMS640.

3) my Advantixx bosch dish washer (only a year old) won't drain out the water - it says the drainage is blocked - fault E25 - but our efforts to clear the drain don't seem to get the appliance working.

Would it be best to book a Bosch technician to visit at home to look at these faults? If so how can I organise this?

Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Ms P. McDonald



Ok as for the oven can you post the model number please. Then I can find the correct seal for you.


And as for the hob and dishwasher how good are you diy skills as it will proberly need to be stripped down to sort the dishwasher out. If you are wanting to fix this can you post this model number as well please.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.



The dishwasher is an Advantixx 60com dishwasher, model SMS40A02GB.


We don't have any more information on the hob, but the double oven is a Bosch HBE630P, or it could be 633 P (the handbook is for both).


Are you based in the UK?


Ms McDonald





Ok as for the main oven the seal you can still get. They are pretty easy to fit as it just clips in to each corner and stretch over so that's not hard.


Click here for the main oven seal


But for the top oven the seal is obsolete so that cannot be brought sorry.


As to the hob that model number isn't coming up. But from the sounds of it the switch is proberly faulty. But without details this will be hard to get.


But as to the dishwasher the E25 is a draining error code.

If all the drains are fine then you need to scoop out all the water inside and then remove the filters in the bottom.

There you will see a cover. You need to prise this up and in there you will see the pump impeller. Just check theres nothing blocked up in there. If you have the manual for this it will show you how to remove the cover.


Once its all clear refit the cover and retry it again. But if still the same then is possibley a faulty pump which will need to be stripped down and replaced.


If you don't want to do that part let me know were abouts you are and I can try and find a local engineer for you.


And yes im in the UK aswell.



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