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how do you change waste pip on fdl 570?

Customer Question

how do you change waste pip on fdl 570?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Techdesk replied 4 years ago.


My name is Fred.
I will be trying to assist you with this problem today.
Thanks for asking us to try and help you with this appliance question.

It's a fairly easy job but does involve opening the machine up .

Fully empty the machine of water.
Unplug it and disconnect the hoses.

At the bottom rear where the hoses enter the machine, take off the cover.

Put towels down (I'm assuming you've disconnect the power and services to the machine first).
Lay the machine on it's back.
(If you can, lay the back of the base onto blocks so you don't have to keep standing it up and laying it down, it also prevents the hose being crushed).

Once on it's back, take the panel on the base off.
There's 2 clips on the front edge hold it.

Once off, pull the drain hose out of the pump (it should be a push fit).
Pull the old hose out the rear of the machine (you'll have to stand the machine up if it's too close to the floor).
Feed the new hose in, (lay the machine on it's back again, if you stood it up) push the end of the hose into the pump and refit the base.
Stand the machine up again.
Fit the cover on the rear.

Job done.

Hope this helps
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