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KevinWhiteJA, Home Appliance Technician
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Tumble dryer model wt46w567gb after selecting program light

Customer Question

Tumble dryer model wt46w567gb after selecting program light stays on in the tumble dryer which is odd and when press start button the machine just bleeps and will not start, no warning in the programme panel and filter and water empty please advise thoughts on what's wrong with it many thanks
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  KevinWhiteJA replied 4 years ago.

KevinWhiteJA :

Hi, welcome to Just answer

KevinWhiteJA :

How old is the dryer ?

JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : Two years old just
JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : Ok?
KevinWhiteJA :

Yes thanks

KevinWhiteJA :

everything has been cleaned ? how many times does it bleep ?

JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : When you press start button bleeps twice and will not start the light is on in the machine also which is not normal when door shut before you press start which makes me wonder if door sensor issue if there is one ?
JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : there are no warning lights on panel lite just the normal ones you would see when selecting programme
KevinWhiteJA :

OK...are you getting any error code as well ?

Try to retrieve a stored code by following this procedure:

Program selector switch to OFF position
Set program selector switch to "6-o'clock position"

While pressing the LOW HEAT button, set the program selector switch (clockwise) to the next position

Turn the selector back to the 1st position (off is position 0)
Press START button

Let me know if any of the drying, iron dry, cupboard dry or end lights flashing or on?

JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : Two ticks
JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : ok nothing much happened then but nothing light on panel still and the light has stayed on in the tumble dryer now back on and the start stop is flashing still
JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : when pressed bleeps twice but machine does not start
KevinWhiteJA :

ok thanks for open the door and press start...does the same thing happen again ?

JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : no error codes
KevinWhiteJA :

no sorry I mean does it beep twice even with the door open when you follow those steps ?

JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : yes
JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : it does
JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : open or shut
KevinWhiteJA :

Yes then you are right the problem is with the door lock assembly

JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : is it on a sensor
KevinWhiteJA :

Unplug the unit and then inspect the wiring from the door lock to control

KevinWhiteJA :

if that is fine then it is the door lock mechanism that has to be replaced

JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : Ok thanks for your help
KevinWhiteJA :

Is there anything else I can assist you with today ?

JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : no thanks
JACUSTOMER-unb2jonz- : bye happy new year
KevinWhiteJA :

You're can get back to me if you need any assistance and I will help with no additional charges....Excellent feedback is appreciated if you are satisfied with my assistance :)

KevinWhiteJA :

Happy New Year to you too .... Cheers

KevinWhiteJA :

Please don't forget to leave a Excellent or Good feedback so that I can get paid for the assistance that I have provided today...Thanks :)