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I have a 20 year old Stanley gas fired range cooker/boiler

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I have a 20 year old Stanley gas fired range cooker/boiler that cuts out intermittently. It has been happening for a few years, always in the winter months and usually when it is windy. It has been regularly serviced and had several parts replaced but the installers/services cannot seem to sort out the problem. Can you help please?
Hi, Sorry to hear about that.
May I have the full model#?
Also how long since this appliance has been professionally serviced?
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Michael


Sorry for the delay; it is a Stanley Superstar 60,000 BTU, its year of manufacture was 1994 and it was professionally serviced just under 12 months ago. It is however an intermittent fault and the servicer has tried various things but not sorted out the problem


thanks Teresa

Hi Thank you Teresa,
This is an issue with a part called the thermo-couple.
This part is responsible for making sure the unit operates safely.
It can fail in many ways but in your case it sounds like it is restricted, could be foreign material got in there for many reasons.
But If you have that replaced I'm sure this will take care of the problem. Whats happening is that the sensor for the flame is being interrupted a bit but acting over sensitive to the wind and cold.
I'm sure you can relate in this case as to when the problem occurs;-)
I will stick with you and assist any way I can, parts, repair if you want to make this repair.
But since this may take some time, if you will rate my service in a positive fashion thus far before you close this page, the system will allow me to schedule free follow ups with you and also ensure your question will NOT close or time out;-)
You will then be able to contact me at anytime at no additional cost until we have this fixed for you.
Thank you Teresa.
Tech Michael

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Michael
Thanks for the advice and that does make sense. I don't think that has been tried but I will double check. I am happy to give you a rating now if I can come back to you at a later date if the problem is not resolved. As I have not used this service before could you just confirm how I would do this? Many thanks
Hi Teresa, yes please try that it should solve this issue, also you can rate now and that will allow me to set up follow ups for you so you can get back with me anytime, simply respond to this message;-)
Have a great Sunday Tersesa!
Tech Michael
Michael and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Michael


We had a service done on the Stanley and talked to the service engineer but apparently our model does not have a Thermocouple and he replaced another part. At the moment we haven't had any further trouble but it does happen generally in cold and windy weather so fingers crossed



Hi Teresa,
usually this is caused by a draft getting to the parts where it lights.
This can be corrected by installing a check valve in the chimney flu.
Mention that to them if you have any further issues with this.
Have a great day, lets hope they fixed it this time lol.