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i have a Maytag fridge/freezer, approximately 12 years old

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i have a Maytag fridge/freezer, approximately 12 years old and the ice maker/dispenser has stopped working. The filtered water dispenser still functions as before. Please advise - I presume I need an engineer?



Can you post the model number please.


Also I assume the arm on the ice maker is down?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Where is the model number located please?! No, I lifted the arm when the ice maker stopped working, but have tried lowering it again a couple of times since and nothing happens.



The model number is XXXXX inside the fridge. Either at the top on the side or behind one of the bottom baskets again on the side.


Also how good are you diy skills?

Do you have a multi meter?

And do you feel confident at removing ice maker module and testing it?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok - thank you. Numbers are a. 17633742ZH or b. GL2228EEDB/17

Sorry, no multi meter and very limited DIY skills...



Ok thanks for that ive got it now.


Looking at this model its more then likely going to be a faulty ice maker unit itself at fault here. As if its not making ice its nearly always the ice maker unit itself.


If you wanted you can try a defrost first. As sometimes the water line inside the freezer at the back can ice up and stops the water going to the ice maker. For this you need to empty the freezer and leave it off for 24 hours with the freezer door open and then turn back on and see how it goes from there.


To be honest its quite rare this is the fault but worth a try if you want just in case.


Other then that it will need a new ice maker unit itself. You can either fit yourself or get an enginner in.


Fitting it isn't that bad. Its just 3 screws holding the ice maker to the side. Loosen them and lift the ice maker off and disconnect the wiring block.

Then you can swap it over to the new one.


Other then that if you get an engineer in they will sort it. But as I said its nearly always the ice maker itself at fault.


If you have anymore info just get back to me.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you - I'll try the de-frost first. Can you recommend an engineer to contact in Norfolk, please, or should I go through Maytag direct?



As to an engineer in Norfolk I don't now any as im up in Manchester.

Try your local yellow pages or a goggle search of your area and you will find one.


You can go through maytag direct but they are expensive. There call out is £150 then parts.



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