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I have a kenwood KID60s10 bought it a year ago. -never been

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I have a kenwood KID60s10 bought it a year ago. -never been happy with its performance BuT now it seems to be cleaning the dishes/plates Okayama utt he baskets are revolting -both the lower and upper trays are coated in a black slimy film - no idea how the dishes are clean but this disgusting slime is all over the plastic coated metal trays/baskets ( slide out bits that hold the dishes)

Please can anyone suggest anything -I have tried rinse aid and salt and all the various wash settings and nothing seems to help



Does the dishwasher get hot during the wash cycle?


Also have you ran a cleaner through it?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Not 100% sure that it does get hot - we think it used too - I have tried to run it empty with a washing powder Tablet in it -
How can. I check if it gets hot ?



If you set it going on a hot wash after a say 30 mins it should be very hot in there.


But if you open it up when its finshed again it should be hot in there as it should have done a hot rinse to dry the plates in there.


But if it is getting hot you need to run a dishwasher cleaner through it. Normall washing powder doesn't do the job. As a proper cleaner degreases it and cleans all the muck off.


You can buy a bottle of dishwasher cleaner from the supermarkets. You peel the label of the top and turn it upside down and set It going on a hot wash.


This will fully clean the inside of the dishwasher and gets rid of all the grease that builds up in there and keeps it fresh.


Try a few of them and see how it goes. But from what you say it may just need a good degreaser cleaner going through it.



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