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canuck the pro
canuck the pro, Plumber
Category: Appliance
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heatline vizo 24 , the central heating is working fine , when

Customer Question

heatline vizo 24 , the central heating is working fine , when the hot water tap is turned on the boiler starts heating it up for a while then seems to click an goes cold for a while then it starts to heat up again but does the same . Could it be the hot water sensor at fault?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  canuck the pro replied 4 years ago.

canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is Mike and I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today.Can you tell me what indicator lights are on when you are calling for hot water?

JACUSTOMER-yl026srq- :

With just hot water selected on the function switch .When the hot tap is turned on , the boiler starts up an fires . After a little while the first CH led comes on , then the water starts comein out hot an the 2nd DHW led comes on . It then runs s while longer then clicks out an leds go out an water goes cold . If left on it starts the cycle again . Their are no flashing warning Leds

canuck the pro :

The sensor that is at fault is either the DHW sensor or the CH sensor. Are you going to take care of the repair yourself or are you just trying to get an idea before calling someone out?

JACUSTOMER-yl026srq- :

Hi Thats what i suspected so id ordered both sensors an will do job myself , if when fitted everything is okay I will rate you . If faults still there may need more advice if thats Okay

canuck the pro : I think that is a solid plan.
canuck the pro :

Hi, any progress on the sensors? Not trying to pressure, just wanted to check in really.