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I have tric ity bendix washing machine serial no wdr1041w which

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I have tric ity bendix washing machine serial no wdr1041w which was flashing error E40 then E60 and now E61 COULD YOU TELL ME THE PROBLEM AND HOW TO SOLVE IT WE ARE IN THE hIGHBURY STADUIM , LONDON.
E40 indicates a door lock fault.
E60 is a heating circuit fault.

Unplug the appliance.
Wait 5 minutes, does the door open?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

door opened got washing out , shut door put on cycle now flashing 61

E61 is a time out heating.

What exactly happens if you start a new program?
Does it fill and begin washing?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sorry cant find out at the moment ,no reply to phone . I am in soham cambs the washer is in highbury! although she did say that yesterday there was no response to her 1st prog , or 2nd but it worked on the 3rd then it didnt spin and the water was left in and the door wouldnt open , managed somehow to get the water out this morning and open the door . Last i heard she had removed plug put back in but e61 still showing !

Thanks for that.

If it's showing E61 without pressing any buttons and it won't clear the code and allow a new program, I'm afraid the main board has failed too.

There's a fault in the heating circuit, possibly a fault in the door lock circuit (e40) and a faulty control board.

Check out what's going on.
Clean out the filter.
Try the machine again.

If it's still simply showing e61, you'll need to either replace the parts yourself (very expensive) or get the likes of British Gas in to carry out a fixed price repair.
It includes parts and labour and if a board is required, would be cheaper than diy repair.

Hope this helps
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