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My Electrolux EWG14440 W will not do anything, it finished

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My Electrolux EWG14440 W will not do anything, it finished a wool cycle yet there ears still water in the drum and it hadn't spun or drained. There was no error codes. I have drained the drum via the filter an removed the washing but still no programs will work. What can you suggest?
Turn the machine on.
Close the door.
Press and hold together the start button and the button to the left of it.

You should see a code.
Let me know the code.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Your machine is reporting a failure in the triac that controls the motor.

The triac is part of the main control board.

This can be, at worst, a new motor and control board required, or, one of them.

Turn the dial to off.
Press and hold the 2 buttons.
While holding, turn the dial 1 click clockwise.
The lights flash, release the buttons and the lights scroll.

Now turn the dial a further 7 clicks clockwise.
See if the motor runs, or if it comes up with E51.

Turn to off, any program and back to off.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ive done all of that and it has still come back with the error e51
OK, thanks for that.

Sorry, it confirms the fault is in the motor circuit.

The service manual states "PCB faulty; current leakage from motor or from wiring."

It's worth checking the carbon brushes on the motor, just in case, but this would normally give an E52 error.
It's much more likely you have a faulty motor that has damaged the main board.

As the motor and the control board are both very expensive items, you may want to check out the offer from British Gas and Knowhow.

They offer fixed price repairs that include parts and labour.
They will be less than the cost of repairing it yourself.
British Gas charge £125 and have a no fix no charge policy.
Not sure of Knowhow's charge as Currys have only recently introduced this service.

Sorry it's bad news and not a simple fix.

Check it out, get back to me if you need more help.
Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Do you think I should contact Electrolux directly as the machine is only just coming up to 4 years old and I would have expected it to have lasted a lot longer?
If you want to go the sale of goods act route then you deal with the company you purchased it from, not the manufacturer.

Up to 6 months old it's assumed the fault would be there from new.
Over 6 months old and you have to prove that it's an inherent fault from new.
Normally you need an engineer's report to show this.

I see your question is still open.
Do you need further help with the fault?

If you have no further questions on the fault, I'd appreciate it if you could rate the answer I provided, rating me positively is how I am paid for my time and efforts.

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