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I have bought a second-hand Belling 334 WH double oven ceramic

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I have bought a second-hand Belling 334 WH double oven ceramic hob cooker. The main oven will not work unless it is on a timer. There are 5 buttons beneath the lock. I can,t even get the clock to set to the right time. So, I can't use the main oven. Can you help?
From the left, what are the markings for your timer buttons?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

1st button: bell with clock behind it.

2nd button boiling pot

3rd button pan with 'stop' written on it

4th button minus sign

5th button plus sign

OK, thanks for that.

Try the following, it should help you set the clock on your machine.
You'll need to turn the power off first, for about 5 minutes, then power on again so you are starting from fresh.

Number the buttons on the timer with 1 at the left.

Setting time
Press and hold buttons 2 and 3 together.
While holding them, press the + to set the correct time.
Use the - and + buttons if you go too far or too short of the correct time.
Release all buttons simultaneously.

Setting minute minder
Depress and hold minute minder button(1) then set the minute minder required time using buttons 4 and 5.
Release all buttons simultaneously.

Automatic cooking
Press and hold cook time button (2).
Also press buttons 4 or 5 to set cooking period.
Release buttons - will revert to time of day.
Press and hold Stop time button(3).
Still holding stop time button use buttons 4 and 5 to set the time you want oven to switch off.
At end of cooking period press Cook time button(2) to stop bleeping. Turn oven off.
Press buttons 2 and 3 together to return to manual mode.

This should work for your timer, try it and let me know how it goes or if there's a problem.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Thank you so much for that. I cannot try this just at present, have to go out for a couple of hours. Can i contact you when I have tried it, to fill in the faces for you?

You will have emails linking you to your question.
Use that to bring you back here.

Copy and paste the following into a new browser window.
It will download a pdf showing the timer.

Hope this helps
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