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Hi, our Zanussi integrated fridge freezer is warm at the interior

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Hi, our Zanussi integrated fridge freezer is warm at the interior back wall of the fridge, bottom part. Food quickly goes off in the bottom part. Top half of fridge is cold enough with some ice having built up in the last 3 months. How can we fix it? Many thanks,



If you press on the back wall inside the fridge does any part of it feel spongy like you can press it in?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Not exactly spongy. If pressed, the plastic gives in a bit.



Ok if it gives in a bit then im afraid its not good news.


You should not be able to press any part of the back wall in as behind there you have the evaporator and then the liner is pressed up against it. What can happen a lot on these is you get a small leak from the evaporator and the gas pressure from there causes the liner to pop out a little from the evaporator and then you get this fault were you start to lose the cooling in there.


But when this happens theres nothing you can do as there isn't a fix for this as you cannot access the evaporator in there without cutting the liner out.

It is a common fault on these so I have in the past actually cut the liner out of a fridge to see and the pipes in there corrode causing the leak.


But what you will find will happen is you will totally loose all the cooling inside the fridge and then soon you will lose the freezer as well.


Im afraid in this case its a new appliance as theres nothing you can do when this happens as like I said its quite common on these models to happen.


If you need anymore info just get back to me.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi that is bad news indeed. I'm not at the flat at the moment, so the "giving in a little" is what I think remembered but it did not feel out of the ordinary. Will check again - thought it might be the fan not working to cool the compressor, so the heat just diffusing through the wall. Would that make sense as well?


These dont have a fan for cooling the compressor im afraid.

If the fridge isnt working but the freezer is then its a system fault. Either the gas compressor or the liner popping out from the back wall.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi, so just to be sure I'm not missing something. The problem of the liner popping out or the gas compressor not working properly. Can this be the case even if the top half of the fridge is still cold and forming ice at the back wall?


Yes thats it. On these you just have a thermostat and the compressor system.
As the freezer is working then the thermostat is fine as this just brings the compressor on.

So the fault has to be with the system if the fridge isnt getting cold enough. It can still create the ice but the compressor isnt pumping properly the the fridge so its not getting as cold as it should.

Now you may find the liner hasnt come away. If it hasn't then it may be down to a poor pumping compressor im afraid.

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