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BEKO WMA 642 W. Hi my washing machine stops operating at wash.

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BEKO WMA 642 W. Hi my washing machine stops operating at 'wash'. Water filled up ok but then nothing happens. Tried cancelling the operation but it didn't let me. Had to switch off and on again and still doing the same. Left it for about an hour hoping for it to reset, but when plugged back in the same thing happens. Been using the same program for the past year i.e. synthetics 40 degrees with 1400 spinning speed.
Drain the water out manually again.
Are you then able to cancel and select a new program?

If you are, select spin only.
What exactly happens?

How old is the machine?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, i have just drained the water out manually. Im able to cancel the wash cycle and selected the spin only. It appears to be doing some sort of draining for about 2 minutes or so. The green light is now at fixed at 'ready'. What do i do next?


Im not sure how old this machine is. it has been in the apartment since i moved in about a year ago. My landlord hasn't replied but i believe it is at least 2-3 years old.

OK, thanks for that.

If I read this correctly, the drum has never turned on wash or spin, is this correct?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Oh no..when i switched the machine back on again after manually draining the water, the machine automatically selected the 'wash' cycle and starts filling up the drum with water again. But I cancelled it by pressing n holding down the 'start/pause/cancel' button. I turned the program dial to 'Spin' before that.


Now the program dial is still set to 'Spin', and the green light is lit at 'ready'. What do i do next?


If it's full of water, select spin only and it will empty.

I'll assume the drum never turned on spin or wash cycles.

If that's the case, it has a fault in the motor circuit.

This could be worn out carbon brushes or, faulty motor and/or faulty control.

You would need to take the motor off to check the brushes.

As it's your landlords machine, you really should have him get someone in to repair it.

If you do want to repair yourself, check the carbon brushes, if worn out or broken, obtain and fit a new set.
This should sort it out.

If they are ok, it's a new motor and/or control board.

Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Okay thanks for the advice, but just now I just pressed the 'start' button with the program set to 'spin', the drum turned for a few revolutions then stop completely. I then turned the program to dial 'synthetics 40' and when I tried to select press 'start' the drum wont spin. now the green light are lit at 'start' and 'spin/end' cycle, and it cant be cancelled. Tried manually draining again but there's no water coming out. Unplugged the machine, restarted it back on again, green light still lit up at 'start' and 'spin/end'. Does this confirm anything?

Yes, you have a motor fault.

If you leave it a while, if the motor turns again, it's the last of the carbon brushes pushing onto the motor armature.

However, if you keep doing this and it's arcing, it will damage the motor and board.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Okay thanks very much that is very helpful indeed.

No problem.

Based on all that's been posted and the way the machine is behaving, it all points to carbon brushes on the motor.

Good luck with the landlord.