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I have a Sharp 1200w 2297 microwave - possibly about 20 years

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I have a Sharp 1200w 2297 microwave - possibly about 20 years old. Worked fine til last week when I think a visitor put a plated meal in to heat, but the plate is a metalised plate. First I knew was no lights/power, I replaced fuse on plug, then found the 6.3Amp fuse inside had blown. Replaced fuse and switched it on and the lights etc came back on. Left it and went to try using it the next day and it had fused again. I assume the 6.3A fuse has blown again.
Is it possible the machine is now completely wasted or is it worth getting an engineer to look? Or just buy a new one??

bryanpaul52 :

Good morning, Well what's probably happened was the magnetron shorted. Once it shorts it will continue to blown the internal in line fuse like you said, the problem is this is so old the part is no longer available in most cases, As it is your model isn't coming up so I cant be sure though ,A magnetron can list from $60.00 to $160.00 plus you add labor to that and your looking at more money to repair than replace. (not to mention the wait for the part) In my opinion after 30 years of appliance repairs its best to replace the microwave , Chances are that there could be other damage to the appliance that will cause other issues down the road like the high voltage transformer. Its up to you however, I hope this info helps though, thanks and best wishes, Bryan

bryanpaul52 :

this is what the magnetron looks like .

Magnetron 10QBP0232 Main Product View
Full Size Image

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