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Baumatic retro14 fridge / freezer. Fridge section running too

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Baumatic retro14 fridge / freezer. Fridge section running too cold ( less than 1 degree no matter what temp set at ) but freezer section working normally. Engineer was called and suggested that it may be the main control card as the temp sensor was part of the fridge. This part is over £200 to replace and is not sure to solve the problem, now don't know whether to have this part changed or replace fridge and have the back up of some warranty. Any thoughts? Thanks
Can you post the model number from the label inside the fridge please?

Once I have this, I'll see what I have on this machine.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It's a Baumatic Retro14 fridge freezer
OK, that's not listed on the Baumatic disc.
Is this all that's on the label?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The only other info is on small sticker with the following

Hzs3567afv. Serial no 034/072
Thanks for that.
Got it now, just having a look at the service manual.

OK, thanks for that.

I've had a read through the service manual for your machine.
There are 3 sensors, 2 for the freezer and 1 for the fridge.

Inside the fridge, on the right wall should be a cover (bulged).
Take it off and see if there's a probe (sensor) there.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Is it a push and slide to get it off
It doesn't say in the manual, it simply shows the cover.
It does appear to be a clip on cover.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok covers off
Is there a sensor there?

The service manual for your machine is one of the worst I've seen.
It's an imported machine rebadged Baumatic and there's no manufacturer name on the documents so there's nothing else to refer to.

The most likely cause of the problem is the sensor as this controls the temperature inside the fridge.

It switches a valve at the bottom rear and allows or stops the refrigerant flow.

The fault you have could be the sensor or the valve.

One test you could do is turn the fridge off but leave the freezer running.
If the fridge warms up, it suggests the valve is ok and the fault is with the sensor and/or control board.

Try it, see what you find.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
There is a sensor, I tried previously turning off the fridge section and it just kept cooling down, it didn't actually seem to switch it off at all, the engineer said the switch over valve was working ok - but he didn't seem to know about the sensor!!

Put my hand over sensor and warmed it up, temperature display increased, just seeing now if it holds the set temperature or continues to drive the temp down, unfortunately the back wall is covered in ice so I don't think that helps at all

The fridge itself is built by Gorenje, Baumatic themselves have gone out of business
The back wall is covered in ice because the refrigerant isn't being stopped.

I know Baumatic are out of business, it's been bought over by Hoover.

How does the engineer know the valve is working?
You can turn the fridge off.
If it still cools, the valve isn't working.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Mmmm interesting, not sure what he based the valve working theory on, as I said his view was the electronic control unit had failed - but if it had why would the freezer temp be ok - currently set to highest freezer temp but holding and not driving down, I guess the one control unit works for both sections.

Tried talking to Hoover but understandably they weren't really able to offer advice on this unit

Anyway turned fridge off again and waiting to see what happens
OK, the way it works, there's 3 sensors.
1 for the fridge, the other 2 appear to be for the freezer (not 100% clear in the manual).

If the sensor is faulty, it doesn't close the valve, you get the fridge freezing.

If the board is faulty (it can fail on part of it and the rest work) you could get the same.

If the valve is faulty, the fridge will cool when it's switched off.

The sensor and control board have no part of it if it's switched off.
There's nothing to monitor or switch.

Hope this makes sense for you to follow my thinking.

Let me know if it continues cooling with the fridge switched off.
It will take a long time with the back covered in ice to tell.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok, that's clear - fridge is off and door is open, just one further question - the fan within the fridge, is that time driven or temp driven

When I removed the sensor cover, the temp went up to 6 which was the same as the preset - the fan came on for a while and then switched off, so I was just wondering if its demand driven or just a routine procedure to circulate the air
The fan should run to keep even temperature inside the fridge.
unfortunately, there's no information to tell me if it's constant running or intermittent.

Most machines the fan runs until the door is opened.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok thanks for that. Cleaned off the ice from the back, switched fridge off, and closed door and will see what happens

Would you repair or replace fridge - million dollar question!!!
If it's the valve, it's an expensive repair as it would need the refrigerant removed and after the valve is replaced, regassed with new refrigerant.

I'd guess you'd be looking at around £200 for the repair.
If you're lucky, Knowhow (Currys) may repair it on their fixed price repair plans, around £120 I think. You'd have to check with them.

As to replace, it would depend on the age of your machine and the value you place on it.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok thanks for your help, I will give the fridge an hour or so and see what state it's in
OK, an hour may not be long enough to tell what's happening.
But, let me know what you find.

Any update on the fridge?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Well it's been off for a while and hasn't cooled down so that's good. Turned it on half an hour ago and set it at 4 degrees and so far it is holding 4 degrees !!!!!!!!!!!

Am I right just for future info that this fridge is also known as BFE350SS apart from a few external cosmetic differences
That's the number on the diagram I have from the Baumatic technical.

As it didn't continue cooling, it rules out the diverter valve on the rear (still don't know how the engineer ruled it out with no tests).

I think the sensor you warmed up is at fault.

If it happens again, put ice on the sensor for a while, then warm it up.
This will take it to the extreme ends of it's resistance (hot and cold) and may well "shock" it back to working order.

As it warms up the resistance decreases, as it cools down it increases.
The resistance change is used by the control board to open or close the valve as required.

Good luck with the appliance.

Hope this helped
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for your help and hopefully it will work ok
You're very welcome.