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My masterchef oven smokes impossibly when roasting. Even with

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My masterchef oven smokes impossibly when roasting. Even with a full fan and new filter! Is something blocked-up behind the ovens?

Gary :

Hi and thank you for using Just Answer. Per your masterchef oven, could you please provide me with the model and serial number? This would be a great start for me in order to help you. Thanks Gary


Aga Masterchef 110 Duel fuel Silver Ser No 7024

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Hi and than you for getting back.

I have a couple of questions for you. 1] how old is your unit? Is it new? or not? Either case when was it cleaned? A new stove requires cleaning before use and if you had this for awhile then cleaning would be a good idea. Below is how it explains to do that. Sometimes spillage gets inbetween the pannals and will cause the problem you have. Please make sure you look at the fans as well. They do get a build up on them as well. If on the off chance that everything is cleaned, then I need you to explain in more detail of what kind of smoke is coming out and where. Also check the burner units as well, where the flame resides, (if gas) or the electric eliment (if electric) If you happen to spill or spray oven cleaners in or around the burners, you get smoke without a doubt. If this was the case, you'll have to remove the burner units and wash with water to get the residu off. This woun't be a fun job. With all of this said, please stay in touch and we'll work this problem together. Thanks Gary

The Griddle
Always clean the griddle after use. Allow it to cool completely
before removing. Immerse the griddle plate in hot soapy
water. Use a soft cloth or, for stubborn stains, a nylon washing
up brush.
If the griddle is washed in a dishwasher then some
dishwasher residue may appear on the back. This is normal
and will not affect the performance of your griddle.
Glide-out Grill
Before you remove any of the grill parts for cleaning.
make sure that they are cool, or use oven gloves.
The grill pan and trivet should be washed in hot soapy water.
Alternatively, the grill pan can be washed in a dishwasher.
After grilling meats or any foods that soil, leave to soak for
a few minutes in the sink immediately after use. Stubborn
particles may be removed from the trivet by using a nylon
The grill pan can be easily removed for cleaning as follows:
Remove the grill pan support frame by pulling the grill pan
Lift the grill pan clear of the support frame.
The support frameis held to the side rails by two clips on each side
For each side, support the side rail with one hand and with
the other hand lift the frame up and out of the side clips
For safety, push the side rails back into the grill chamber.
If you need to remove the side rails to allow cleaning of the
grill chamber, you can unhook them from the grill chamber
sidesand wipe the sides clean with a soft cloth and
mild detergent. DO NOT put the side runners in a dishwasher.
Once you have finished, hook the side rails back onto the
sides of the chamber. To refit the frame, pull the side rails
forward and, for each side in turn, support the side rail and
press the frame down into the side rails.
Replace the grill pan.

ArtNo.320-0008 Removing the oven lining
Control Panel and Doors
Avoid using any abrasive cleaners including cream cleaners.
For best results, use a liquid detergent.
The same cleaner can also be used on the doors, or
alternatively, using a soft cloth wrung out in clean hot soapy
water – but take care that no surplus water seeps into the
After cleaning, polish with a dry cloth.
‘Cook & Clean’ Panels
The ovens have side panels which have been coated with
a special enamel that partly cleans itself. This does not stop
all marks on the lining, but helps to reduce the amount of
manual cleaning needed.
The ‘Cook & Clean’ panels work better above 200
°C. If you do
most of y
our cooking below this temperature, occasionally
remove the panels and wipe with a lint free cloth and hot
soapy water. The panels should then be dried and replaced
and the oven heated at 200
°C for about one hour.
This willmake sure the ‘Cook & Clean’ panels are working effectively.
Do not use steel wool, oven cleaning pads, or any other
materials that will scratch the surface.
Removing the Side Oven Linings
Some of the lining panels can be removed for cleaning. You
will need to remove the shelves before removing the panels.
Each side of the oven is fixed with four fixing screws. You do
not have to remove the screws to remove the oven linings.
Simply lift each side panel upwards and they will slide off the
. Then pull them forwards.Once the linings are removed, the oven enamel interior can
be cleaned