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I have a digitstat RF2 set to change temp 4 times a day .it

should now be 10 degrees... Show More
should now be 10 degrees but its 24 and I can' t get it to go down - the flame insignia is not showing but it's getting hotter
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Per your unit, the first thing to look at are the batteries. They will normally last two years, however that is based on a low usage number. Also it could mean that the battrey is low and it cannot change programs. A person may not think of this so I would say give this a shot first. If you happen to already replaced the battries, then double check the wires connecting to it. They will at times start a build up of corrosion as slight as it may be and not allow your unit to work. Loose wires will cause the same thing. Since these units have no moving parts, it could be possible that it may gone bad on you. Best way to find out is to replace it with another unit. If you happen to have one somewhere else that is working, switch it out. It will be the quickest way for you to find out. From there, if this "working" unit isn't doing the job, then you'll have to go to where it controls the regulator switch and see if it's calling for it to come on. A simple meter will tell you. If it shows that it's calling then the regulator needs to be replaced.

If you have anymore question please ask. I wish you the best

Your 2 units need to resync.

Turn off your boiler, remove the batteries and then sit the transmitter under the boiler.
Leave for 5 minutes.
Turn on the power and refit the batteries, over the next 30 seconds the two units should resync and allow you to control the heating again.

Be careful that when you put the thermostat back in place that it can still communicate with the receiver, try turning off and back on a couple of times.