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HELP| I left a non-stick oven liner in my oven whilst doing

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HELP| I left a non-stick oven liner in my oven whilst doing a clean. My oven is now all white and discoloured inside. What can I do to rectify this. My oven is a Pyrolytic Oven and this cleans at approx. 500 degrees. Have I broken the oven?

Good morning,
Please do me a favor, try wiping the white out with a clean wet cloth, please let me know if its stuck on there or it comes off?
Also how old is your oven and may I have the full model#?
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No it does not wipe off it is very hard to explain what its like you cannot feel anything on the surface of the oven it is hard to know what has happened here. The oven is only 4 months old CDA SV500ss.Its has only been cleaned once previously and it worked fine then but obviously this has happened due to the fact that I left the none stick liner in. Some other information is that the liner was black in colour when put in but when clean finished the liner was white which is why I think the liner has some how melted and splashed on the oven (sorry cannot explain it any other way). The liner is made from PTFE coated non stick fabric.

Hope this helps.

Hi Thanks Suzanne,
What happened is that part of the liner deteriorated in there under the heat and the chemicals from it dried or rater burnt onto the walls of the oven.
To fix this you would need to try oven cleaner and let it sit even though you arent really supposed to use that on this it shouldnt hurt it at all.
In this case its your best bet as that film on the walls is pretty tough.
Please try that and let me know if that helps, I will have other suggestions for you if it doesnt.
I Think that will remove the residue stuck to the walls.
since this may take some time, if you will rate my service in a positive fashion thus far before you close this page, the system will allow me to schedule free follow ups with you and also ensure your question will NOT close or time out;-)
You will then be able to contact me at anytime at no additional cost until we have this fixed for you.

Thank you Suzanne.
Tech Michael

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am quite afraid to use oven cleaner (as previously mentioned the instructions state not to.) are you sure this will be ok and not make the oven dangerous in anyway.

Hi Suzanne, it shouldn't harm the oven at all. I have done this to fix similar issues to yours.
But to be safe, try it on a small spot and see how that goes.
I will stick with you until this is done.
Please let me know if this takes off the residue.
Thank you please rate favorably so I can set up free follow ups for you.
Tech Michael
Michael and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Michael. Have tried oven cleaner this has not worked. But like I tried to explain before there does not seem to be anything stuck to the walls or base of oven it is just white speckles all over walls and white and almost burn marks on oven base. What can I do now? It does look like I have broken the oven.

Hi Suzanne,
not to panic,
try running the oven at a normal temp for an hour and let me know if it smells like its burning?
If not that will eventually wear off, that is about the best you could do. Or you could possibly exchange the oven.
I would try my suggestion above and let me know how it runs any smell etc?
Thank you
Tech Michael