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I have a Servis M3800A washing machine. It didnt drain properly

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I have a Servis M3800A washing machine. It didn't drain properly so I took out and cleaned the drain plug thing, as I have done before. Found it hard to put back in - didn't seem to be right in and flap wouldn't close fully. Next wash, it leaked all the water. Have tried to reinsert the drain plug but can't. Can't find any manuals online. Any clues how to reinsert it?
This was pretty common on Servis machines.
The plastic distorts and it becomes difficult to fit it back in.

Check the filter housing (where you plug the filter into) is clean and clear and not scaled up.

If it's ok, put the filter and cap into a bowl of boiling water for 5 minutes.
Then, try fitting it back in place.

Ensure the cap and filter part are unscrewed fully and ensure the seal is sitting correctly.

Let me know what happens.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Soaking as I type. The problem is actually getting it to go back in. There is a horizontal plastic ledge (sloping down slightly) in the slot at about 9 o'clock that restricts how I can get the filter in. 5 mins nearly up. Will try soon!
Yes, the filter body sits on that ledge, line the body up and push the cap/filter in.

As long as there's no restrictions, it should go in and the cap screw up.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Same as before. The filter body is in but can't close the flap fully. Should the filter be secure? I seem to recall it being firmly in place before but now it's just sitting there and almost falls out.
Can you clarify about the cap being unscrewed fully? Have put the filter back in with it fully screwed in and also not at all, then screwed it in in the slot, but both times the flap won't close. Have re-sited the rubber washer several times. Looks snug, just can't get the whole filter in so the flap shuts.
Yes, it should fit fully in and then you screw the cap tight.

Hold the filter in your hand and unscrew the cap, anticlockwise till it reaches the end of it's travel.

The flap won't close if the filter isn't in and if you pull on the cap, it's not in place so can't seal, therefore will pull out easily.

Ensure the cap is fully unscrewed first.
Insert the filter, making sure it fits fully home.
Then tighten the cap.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hooray! Success! Wash on, no leaks. Thank you.
Good job.
Glad you got it sorted out and working.

Good luck with the machine.

Hope this helped
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