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Category: Appliance
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Hi I have a Zanussi washer dryer: ZWD1472S. It intermittently

Customer Question

I have a Zanussi washer dryer: ZWD1472S.
It intermittently leaks on wash cycle. The leak always appears from beneath the left of machine. It happens usually with smaller loads over half way into the cycle.
Please can you advise me about how to fix the problem.
Thank you
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Techdesk replied 4 years ago.
There's no easy way to find a leak.
You need to take the casing off of the machine and see if you can spot where it's leaking from.

Does it leak after a wash or a drying cycle (or both)?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi it leaks when it's over half way into the wash cycle. The water is always clear, so possibly when it's on the rinse or spin cycle.

The load size seems to be a factor as it never happens with a full load but often happens when it's a half load or less.

How easy is it to open the casing and troubleshoot the problem?
Are replacement parts easy and affordable to source?


Expert:  Techdesk replied 4 years ago.
Replacement parts are easily obtainable, as long as they aren't obsolete.
Depending on what is required it may not actually be an economical repair.

Best thing to do is see if you can find the leak first.

Unplug the appliance.
Take the top off.
Take the bolts on the rear out.
Take the bolts along each upper edge out, noting where they fit.
Take the plastic plugs at the side, bottom, centre out and remove the hidden bolts.
Unclip the plastic part that carries the power cable in.
Lift this part a little and pull the rear half of the casing off.

You can now plug the machine in (make sure you don't touch anything and don't get caught on moving parts).

Run the machine and see if you can find the cause of the leak.

Let me know what you find.