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My AEG Lavertherm condenser tumble dryer will not start. 4

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My AEG Lavertherm condenser tumble dryer will not start. 4 yrs old.m Working perfectly. Checked fuse- not this problem. No electric circuit difficulties. No sign of life in the machine. What is the likely problem?
Can you post the product number (PNC) from the appliance please?
It should begin with 9 so you'll need to prefix it with A to prevent it being crossed out when posted.

eg. A914419941 00

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for that.

If you have, and can use, a multimeter, unplug the appliance.
Take the top off.
Test for continuity between the plug top and the mains filter where the mains cable comes in.

If you have continuity on live and neutral, trace the wires from the filter to the main board.
Test these for continuity.

If you have continuity and no signs of life on the main board when plugged in, your board has failed and will need to be replaced.

Let me know what you find.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I do not have a multimeter. I am. 63 yrs old sole householder with a reasonable toolkit but not one that includes a multimeter.
If I need a replacement main board what is the cost of this and would I require an appliances engineer or electrician to install it. I have removed the top of the dryer but clearly without a multimeter - I am not able to do anymore.
OK, thanks for that.
The multimeter would have ruled out a fault in the wiring but, it would be very unusual to find it faulty.

Visually check the wiring and the board, if you can.

If the board is the cause, you could replace it yourself, however, it has a retail price in excess of £195

Copy and paste the following into a new browser window, it will show the part at a supplier

Given the cost of the board, I'd suggest a fixed price repair from British Gas or Knowhow (Currys).
Both include parts and labour.
With British Gas, if they can't repair it, there's no charge.

The cost is £125 with British Gas, around the same from Knowhow.

Sorry, not good news or a simple fix.

If power is getting to the board and there's no life at all in the machine, the board has failed.
If there's an underlying fault, then simply replacing the board will result in another failed board.

Check it out, see what you think of the fixed price repairs and get back to me if you need more help on this.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Are you saying that it will cost £195 for the main board + £125 for the installation/repair?

If so I may need to see if this is an economical way to proceed - might be cheaper just to replace the dryer!!
No, if you were repairing yourself, the part costs over £195.

If you get British Gas or Knowhow to repair it, it costs £125 inclusive of parts and labour.
They work on the assumption that most jobs will cost less that £125 so they make a profit, even when they come across an expensive repair like yours.

Check the wiring, check the board, there may not be anything obvious but if you are getting power to the board and no life, the board has failed.

Hope this helps
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