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Im installing a VRB 640 C hob for a customer and the connections

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I'm installing a VRB 640 C hob for a customer and the connections in the hob bear no clear resemblance to the wiring diagrams on Page 9 of the Indesit manual.
I am a qualified electrician, but the diagrams don't relate to the actual wiring!

If it's any help, the factory fitted wiring is as follows:

Black (live) is connected to terminal 1

Brown (live) is connected to terminal 3

There is a bridge/link between terminals 2 & 3

Blues (neutral) are connected to terminals 4 & 5 - there is no bridge/link between terminals 4 & 5

Earths are both connected to terminal 6

I tried speaking to Indesit, but the person didn't know the difference between live & neutral, nor did they know what 3-phase or single-phase meant!

Can you advise me, please? This is a standard UK domestic installation using single-phase 240(230) V a.c.




Ok on these in the UK the wiring is the live goes to 1,2 and 3 as all them 3 will be connected by the bridging U clips.


Then the neutral is on 4 and 5 again with the U clip between the tags


Now if you only have a few U clip check the connection box as they sometimes clip them into the side or they are in a bag.


If you don't have the clips just get some cable thick enough and connect therminals 1,2 and 3 together with the live wire. and the same with the neutral on 4 and 5 and that will sort it.


If you need anymore info just get back to me.



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