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canuck the pro
canuck the pro, Plumber
Category: Appliance
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Have a Electrolux S75678SK1 which the fridge part wont get

Customer Question

Have a Electrolux S75678SK1 which the fridge part won't get cold intermittently usually after door been open,do these have pcb board faults that might cause this
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  canuck the pro replied 4 years ago.

canuck the pro :

Hi, my name is Mike and I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today. Is there any ice build up or water on the inside or ice on the back? Also the evaporator is on the inside on the back, if you remove the panel do you see ice on it?

JACUSTOMER-cqu2z10t- : No the unit has only just been defrosted and the freezer works fine but the fridge which has its own compressor will not stay at the correct temperature
canuck the pro :

Does the temperature fluctuate or is the temperature lower than the setting?

JACUSTOMER-cqu2z10t- : Fluctuates sometimes it gets cold sometimes after leaving door open for a few minutes it won't work and get down to temperature again
canuck the pro :

How are you testing the temperature? Is the thermostat at a low setting?

canuck the pro :

To accurately measure the operating temperature of the fridge you can place a thermometer in a glass of water and place it in the middle shelf of the fresh food compartment.

canuck the pro :

To get an accurate reading it may take a while with the door closed.

JACUSTOMER-cqu2z10t- : Have a infrared thermometer so know it's not working properly
canuck the pro :

The sequence is the power on ,then liquid solenoid then low pressure switch then compressor starts freezing, then fans come on then timer activates defrost mode, liquid solenoid closes defrost for about 30 minutes or so then compressor back on. If there is ice on the evaporator that is a good sign that the timer is not working properly.

JACUSTOMER-cqu2z10t- : Do you have knowledge of the model as I have been told it may be a control board fault and that this is common
canuck the pro :

That particular model I have not worked on. Usually if the board is not working then you will have no function as the board does not operate the thermostat.

JACUSTOMER-cqu2z10t- : What's most likely then capacitor or compressor?
canuck the pro :

I do not think either but if you are suspect of a capacitor they are very easy to assess. Unplug the power. If you look on the back of the unit there will be a square metal panel. Remove the screws and remove the panel. Remove the plastic cover. You will see battery looking things on the board and those are the capacitors. If the tops are not perfectly flat or bulging out the sides that is a blown capacitor. If you can solder a bit they are really easy to replace also.

JACUSTOMER-cqu2z10t- : What do you think is wrong then?
canuck the pro :

If one does need replacing it has to be exact. The numbers are on the cap itself. On the side. Capacitors have gotten bad in the last decade for sure. Since the technology was stolen from China now most are made in Taiwan. Could be the capacitor on the board. That is always a possibility but I still think the timer. You can assess either very easily if you are up for it. You will have to do a little exploratory surgery to be sure. Of course if you have a lot of items in the fridge that can also be the simple issue. Be sure no items are blocking the damper vent. Could simply be that.

canuck the pro :

So if you check 1. Items not blocking damper vent. 2. Capacitors on control board not bulging. 3. Evaporator does not have ice build up on it. That will give us some great information to proceed with.

canuck the pro :

I have to step out for a few hours. Let me know what you find and we can go from there. Ok?

canuck the pro :

Were you able to check out those items?