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Indesit WD 12s: Old model (washer-drier) - The bearings need

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Indesit WD 12s: Old model (washer-drier) - The bearings need replacing, I have replacement bearings ready, and I'm almost at the point of being able to remove the drum assembly from the case, but the door seal is a nightmare! How do I remove the door seal from the front panel? The front panel itself is welded to the sides and I'm unable to find any clips, springs or anything else that could give me a clue as to how the seal attaches, either to the drum or to the front panel.

The drum has a ballast weight surrounding the seal; should I try to remove this first? or just take the whole thing to the scrapheap?

Please help, I'm going slowly bonkers with this!
Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you with your problem today. If anything isn't clear, please just ask me.

Its much easier to release the door seal from the front of the cabinet.

Look closely at the lip of the seal. You will see a groove running all the way around it.

In here is a sprung loaded band.
Gently open the groove and youll feel the band with a screwdriver.
Get the screwdriver under the band and flip it out

This will release the door seal from the cabinet which will then pull off from the cabinet.
Fold it back into the drum and you can then pull the drum out

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob - Perfect! - came out a treat. Drum now out; the next stage is also tricky - a further simple question if I may - the locking screw on the pulley is stock fast; I've managed to break two hex drives on it already trying to loosen and remove it - any tips?


Regards XXXXX XXXXX thanks,



Hi Bill

well done.

Im a bit confused when you say locking screw???
Is this the pulley bolt?

Im happy to continue helping you, but would ask that you rate my response thus far as this is how I get credit for helping you

Rob and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, it is the pulley bolt. If it's like everything else on this machine it's been smothered in Locktite.



Hi Bill

You are right, loctite loved Indesit!!

To be honest, you are quite brave to replace the bearings on this, due to the high amount of work needed, however, you have the wosrt bit done, as long as you can get the bolt out and then get the old bearings off, without damaging the shaft.

You can try gently applying a little heat to the bolt and see if that frees it off. Otherwise, I would suggest a ring spanner and a hammer as the next best way

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob,


Brilliant! Bearings exchanged, smooth as silk; now all that remains is the chore of putting it ll back together; with a bit of luck all in the fight places.


Very grateful for all your advice. Spot on!!


Best wishes,



Hi Bill

Well done!!

I really mean it, its not an easy job, you need a lot of space, a lot of patience, oh, and some plasters !!

All the best

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi again Rob,


I wonder if I can have your expertise one more time - everything is back together, fingers and thumbs ruined, no leaks, but I think I've made a wiring / connection mistake somewhere. I colour-coded all the connections before disassembly and I thought I had put them al back the way they were.


I tested several wash programmes on the control panel. Same result on all:

1. switch on, light flashes as usual, sets programme

2. water starts (both feeds), drum fills to about 1 inch above bottom of drum; then after about 15 secords -

3. drum empties and control panel goes into click-and-turn mode.

4. Motor does not turn.


If I select spin only the motor does turn, at normal slow wash speed, then after about 20 seconds pump activates, then 10 seconds later goes into click-and-turn with pump still running with light flashing steady..

The indicator light shows steady blink (1 second) during this click-and-turn.

Door lock functions OK.


Even before the bearings problem the machine would very occasionally have a click-and-turn moment, but starting it off again after a short break seemed to solve it.


Is there anything I can do?


In almost-despair!




bHi Bill

Oh, what a bugger!!

Ill look for a wiring diagram for you.
Check the pressure switch hose at the top and bottom. Make sure the hose is not kinked or blocked

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob - I've checked the pressure hose - I disconnected it from the pressure switch and blew down it - all clear. I also blew gently into the switch - clicked on and off OK (but it could still be buggered!).


Oddly, the drying cycle seems to work OK, but since the element failed a few years ago and I never replaced it that's not of much use.



Hi Bill
Blow gently into the pressure switch, from memory it should click on and off a couple of times

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob,


I've just found out something else a bit odd.


After leaving mains power off for about 10 minutes and the control set to standby (black dot); switching on mains causes a couple of seconds of rapid flashing (resetting programme to 'nul'?) then slow flashing, as I would expect. Then, after about 20 seconds with no programme selected it goes in to click-and-turn with the pump running.


Weird! I think a gnome is living in the machine.

Hi bill

Is it possible to count the number of flaashes?
Did you try the pressure switch?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob,


From power off (at end-of-cycle setting):


Power on, then

3 rapid flashes

11 slow flashes

light goes off for 5 seconds and turn-and click starts,

light resumes on slow flash.


Pressure-switch test seems OK - blowing into it there's a single click, then click off when pressure released.




Hi Bill

OK, the pressure switch should definately have more than one level on it. One for low level (washing) and one high level (rinsing).
I think this is borne out by the 11 flashes.
This indicates

Drain pump cannot be activated
  • Check that filter is not blocked or obstructed
  • Check drain hose is clear of any blockage or obstruction
  • Check wiring to drain pump
  • Check drain pump is not defective
  • Check level sensor or switch
  • Check wiring to level sensor

See the last but one error, this is also pointing toward the level switch.

Is it possible that it got knocked or got water in it?


Have a look here, this is 2nd hand, but may be worth a try



Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Rob,

I think you may have hit it - I've removed the pressure switch; there is definitely only one click. As for water getting in, I wouldn't be at all surprised; the machine was on its back or sides most of the time I was working on it and there was a lot of water sloshing around. Would the switch dry out if it has had water ingress, or is it terminal?

Do you think that a replacement sensor will solve the problem? I'm barely surviving on a state pension (I'm in my 70s) and not really relishing going beck to my Granny's Victorian washing tub. Thanks for the lead; I'm seriously considering it but can't afford to spend any more than for this last resort.

But I am deeply grateful for your patience and excellent advice.

Hi Bill

Wow, now Im double impressed that you have done all that work in your 70s !!

I uderstand the situation.

You could try GENTLY sucking on the pressure switch to see if you can detect moisture.
If there is water in there, it may dry out. Try putting it someone warm like the airing cupboard for a day or so and retrying it.

The link I sent you is the cheapest one I could find, its second hand.

Unfortunately, I wouldnt want to guarantee that this is the problem, as I am not there to see it

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Rob,


Sincere apologies for bothering you yet again - I got that pressure switch this morning, fitted it, no difference I'm afraid.


The machine sequence on any end-of-cycle setting (black dot) is:

3 rapid flashes followed by 11 slow flashes, then pump switches on (it works) and then continuous click-and-turn with pump still running.


If set on any wash cycle and switched on the sequence is:

3 rapid flashes then fill starts (both cold and hot); water switches off after water level is clearly visible; wait about 5 seconds then pump starts, after a further few seconds goes into click-and-turn with pump still running.


I didn't test the replacement pressure switch (by blowing into it to listen for two sets of clicks), just fitted it exactly as it arrived.


Could the second-hand pressure switch also be faulty?


I've checked all the connections several times; I'm reasonably sure everything is connected as it should be, but I'm at my wits end as to what to do next; by funds are now at zero to do any more; if I had any funds at all I would give you a bonus through this site, you've been absolutely brilliant.


Apart from taking a lump-hammer to the whole thing, what more can I do?





Hi Bill

So sorry to hear you are still having problems.
Im afraid I am out of ideas too.
The fault code that you describe is listed as above and you have checked all those items.
I can only think that there is a wire misplaced somewhere, yet you have rechecked these too.
Sorry to say, I dont think I am able to help any further, remotely


all the best